Keeping Science & Religion Separate in Schools:

A Public Affairs Forum Presented May 17, 2006
The Florida State University College of Medicine Auditorium

In December 2005, the nation’s first trial on intelligent design (ID)—a theory centered on a belief in a supernatural origin for all creation—concluded in a Pennsylvania courtroom. On Dec. 20, the presiding federal judge handed down a decision ruling against a Dover, Pa., school board that in 2004 had ordered science teachers to present ID as a suitable alternative to the theory of evolution.

Five months later, on the evening of May 17 the nation’s top experts on the issue—including two witnesses who testified in the Dover case—examined what the ruling means for the country and science education.

About 400 people attended the free public affairs forum held at the FSU College of Medicine. The event was broadcast live through this Web site and re-broadcast by the university’s education channel 4FSU.

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