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Office of Commercialization

How We Can Help

Learn about the services we provide and how we can help you commercialize your technology.

Disclosure Forms

Learn how to submit your inventions, creative works, and biological materials to the Office of Commercialization OC.

Evaluate an Invention

Learn the process of how the OC works with faculty, staff or students to assess whether an invention has commercial potential and how to proceed.

Internal Grants

Learn more about our proof of concept GAP and our EIEG equipment program.

Start-Up Companies

Learn how the OC can help an academic entrepreneur plan and launch a start-up company while mitigating the risks involved.

IP Policies

Review FSU's Intellectual Property Policy and get educated on conflicts of interest and outside activities.

How to get things Done

Find what you are looking for. See what we tell faculty about working with the private sector.

Technologies Available/Patents

See over 250 of our leading edge technologies available for licensing and our patent portfolio.

Licensing Process

Read about sequence of events that typically take place that leads to a license agreement at FSU.

FSU Standard Deal Documents

See the standard type of documents in use in our Office for Commercialization.

Florida ExpertNet

Florida ExpertNet is a statewide portal designed to provide quick and easy access to university-based resources and expertise to assist in practical solutions for business, industry, and government.

FSU Student Entrepreneurship

FSU students are hugely creative, starting companies while enrolled or shortly after graduating. Click above to see the initial list of 40.

Startups Process

Learn all about how we can help faculty members thinking about starting a technology based company and how we help entrepreneurs looking for start-up opportunities.

Potential Company Opportunities

Read about FSU technologies that may be available as a platform for high-tech company creation

Innovation Support Programs

Read about local and state-wide initiatives that support technology.

Funding Opportunities

Read about different internal and external grants that could help develop a technology or enhance a faculty members research capabilities.

Start-Up Investment Capital

Early stage start-ups based on a university licensing


and Stories

Read about the enormous impact faculty commercialization activities are having locally and globally.


Read about start-up success stories, product stories, and other happenings with FSU researchers and technology.


Find out more about our annual Sneak Peak, Innovators Reception, and upcoming workshops.

Products in Market

Read about products that are based on FSU technologies that have been commercialized.


Read more school-wide and state-wide statistics.

Other Success Stories

Find out more about the AUTM Better World Project, a collection of success stories based on universities around the country.