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Learn about the Big Bets initiative and the research centers piloting this program.


Big Bets centers are regularly featured in the media for their impactful research.


Learn how to get involved with one of Florida State University’s Big Bets Centers.

The Big Bets initiative is a bold experiment originating in the Office of Research at FSU, designed to connect extraordinary researchers with big-thinking funders.

Big Bets research requires faculty to look several years, perhaps even a decade, into the future and articulate the major impacts their research can achieve with the infusion of a multimillion dollar world-changing gift. Recognizing that the world of higher education is changing, it seeks to create a transformative and qualitatively different funding portfolio for high-impact research with the power to improve lives.

Meet the Big Bets Centers


RIDER’s vision is a world in which everyone is resilient to disaster.

The RIDER Center promotes all-inclusive and equitable disaster resilience for vulnerable populations. RIDER leverages technology, data, and multidisciplinary research with a deep understanding of how the unique conditions of each community’s physical and social dynamics, available infrastructure, and land use affect resilience. Found at the nexus of engineering, science, and communities, RIDER’s solutions empower under-served communities with new tools, training, and enhanced partnerships between public, private, non-profit, and academic stakeholders. Improving disaster resilience will protect our vulnerable populations, save billions, and better our society as whole; RIDER is leading that work.


The Institute for Justice Research Development is a team of committed social scientists re-envisioning the criminal justice system through data-driven solutions.


Faculty from the Florida Center for Reading Research explain their multidisciplinary approach to advancing the latest science to help children learn to read.