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2012 - 2013 Awarded Projects

PI/Co-PI Name Title CRC Program Amount
Michael Blaber Development of "third generation" FGF-1 mutants for therapeutic application PG $13,000
Chad Eby The FAR Future PG $13,000
Joel Hastings Recording Project: Carter Pann's The Piano's 12 Sides PG $13,000
Markus Huettel Generating Preliminary date for CDOM eddy instrument for NSF proposal PG $13,000
Rajan Kumar High Lift Aerodynamics and Viscous Drag Reductiong Technologies PG $13,000
Lisa Lyons Circadian Modulation of Long-Term Memory PG $13,000
Olivia Mason Methane cycling in the deep chlorophyll maxima of the Gulf of Mexico PG $13,000
Michael Roper Dynamics of Reactive Oxygen Species in Islets of Langerhans PG $13,000
Norman Schmidt Reducing Suicide Risk and Increasing Medication Compliance in Individuals with HIV/AIDS PG $13,000
Gary Tyson Research and Evaluation of "Restoring Vision Through Sound" PG $13,000
Diana Williams Role of Hindbrain A2 Neurons in the Control of Palatable Food Intake PG $13,000
Yi Zhou Measuring Artist Creativity PG $12,600
Mei Zhang Solid State Fabrication of Graphene Nanoribbons PG $13,000
Jasminka Illich-Ernst; Co-PI(s): Penny Ralston Acceptability and feasibility of probotic and prebiotic products in alleviating symptoms of lactose maldigestion in African Americans PG $13,000
Austin Mast Innovative Phylogenomics in Beaksedges (tribe Rhynchosporeae; Cyperaceae) to Understand Diversification in the Tropical and Subtopical American Savannas and Grasslands PG $13,000
Samuel Grant Delayed Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Injections for Stroke Treatment as Evaluated By High Fields MRI PG $13,000
Choogon Lee Disrupted Circadian Clock With Advanced Aging PG $13,000
Jamila Horabin Using Mass Spectrometry Proteomics to Identify what Drives Sex-specific Differences in Growth and Size PG $13,000
Beiski Stvilla Use of Mobile Wellness Applications and Perception of Quality by College Student PG $12,990
Quintin Beazer The Micro-Foundations Of Nondemocratic Regimes: Survey Evidence From Russian Economic Elites PG $13,000
Danling Jiang Culutural New Year and Security Returns around the World PG $13,000
Kendal Holtrop Adapting a Brief Parenting Intervention for Homeless Families PG $13,000
Andrea De Giorgi The Cosa Excavation Project PG $12,948
Holly Hanessian Touch in Real Time PG $13,000
Tamara Bertrand Jones Early Career Professional Development: Implications for Black Female Faculty Socialization SGP $3,000
James Sickinger Ostraka from the Atenian Ayora SGP $2,520
Ben Sung New American Works for Violin and Piano SGP $3,000
George Williamson The "Christ Myth" in Germany SGP $3,000
Kay Pasley Identity Disruption and Wellbeing: A Pilot Study of Emerging Adult College Students SGP $3,000
Owen Mundy Packet Switching Catalog SGP $3,000
Valerie Scoon Grenada: Colonialism and Conflict SGP $3,000
Aimee Boutin Peddling Sounds in the City: Street Noise in Nineteenth-Century Paris SGP $3,000
Quintin Beazer "It's All Relative: The Effects of Firms' Political Risks at home and Abroad on Foreign Investment" FYAP $20,000
Allison Beck "Do Accounting Standards Motivate Strategic Investment Behavior? A Cross-Sectional Comparison of Firm Investment Strategies in the U.S. GAAP and IFRS Reporting Environments" FYAP $20,000
George Boggs "Are Civic Engagement and Literacy Education Compatible Educational Goals?" FYAP $20,000
Katarzyna Bugaj "The Pedagogy of Tadeusz Wronski in the Heterogeneous Strings Classroom" FYAP $20,000
Javier Cano-Urbina "The Effects of Education on Female Crime" FYAP $20,000
Antonio Cuyler "A study of a successful arts organization internship program" FYAP $20,000
Andrea De Giorgi "Excavations at Cosa (Italy)" FYAP $20,000
Lindsay Dennis "Effects of a technology enhances storybook reading intervention on children's verb learning" FYAP $20,000
Shengli Dong "Exploring Factors Affecting Requests for Workplace Accommodations Among Older Workers" FYAP $20,000
Amanda Driscoll "The Political Foundations of Judicial Independence: Comparative Analysis of Judicial Reforms" FYAP $20,000
Robert Duarte "Development of a new body of work about the history of turpentine" FYAP $20,000
Michael Duncan "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Bike and Pedestrian Plans Adopted by US Municipalities" FYAP $20,000
Kenan Fisburne "Interior Design Professional Mentor Retention in a New Economy" FYAP $20,000
Sebastian Goerg "Wage Discrimination--Gift Exchange with Migrant Workers and Students in China" FYAP $20,000
Melinda Gonzales-Backen "Ethnic Identity Trajectories among Mexican-origin Females During Early and Middle Adolescence: Predicting Psychococial Well-being" FYAP $20,000
Tarez Graban "From Recovery to Locatability: Enhancing Archival Methods for Feminist Studies in Rhetoric and Composition" FYAP $20,000
Wei Guo "Producing a line of excimer helium molecules for visualization study of turbulence in superfluid helium-4" FYAP $20,000
Daniel Hallinan "Polymer-Inorganic Composites for Lithium Batteries" FYAP $20,000
Sara Hart "Individual Differnces in Internet Cognition" FYAP $20,000
Michael Hayden "An Integrated Training of New Practice Techniques for the Actor" FYAP $20,000
Shuyuan Ho "Identity Deception and Detection in Computer-Mediated Communications" FYAP $20,000
Margaret Jackson "Kanaks in the Leitkultur: an Examination of Hip-hop Education in Community Youth Programs of Northern Rhine Westphailia" FYAP $20,000
Harsh Jain "Mathematical Modeling of Personalized Androgen Ablation Therapy for Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer" FYAP $20,000
Iris Junglas "When Consumer IT Turns into Enterprise IT: An IT Consumerization Model" FYAP $20,000
Ayesha Khurshid "Quality Education: Cultural and Academic Capital for Children from Low-Income Communities" FYAP $20,000
Rajan Kumar "Flow and Noise Control of a Supersonic Impinging Jet on a Carrier Deck" FYAP $20,000
Kaitlin Lansford "Perceptual Similarity in Dysarthria" FYAP $20,000
Laura Lee "Media, Materiality, and Geopolitics in Japanese Cinema" FYAP $20,000
James Lile "Technical Theatre Training and Curriculum at Universities" FYAP $20,000
David Maslach "Inference from Extreme Failure in Organizations" FYAP $20,000
Olivia Mason "Methane cycling in the aerobic water column in the Gulf of Mexico" FYAP $20,000
Simon May "Moral Compromise in Ideal Theory" FYAP $20,000
George McConnell "When Performances of Everyday Life and Theatrical Performances Mix and Mingle: One Night Only Book Manuscript and home(made) Theatrical Performance Project" FYAP $20,000
Paul Niell "Ponce Creole: Architecture and Modernity in a Puerto Rican Sugar Capital, 1850-1930" FYAP $20,000
Cara Pappas "Assessing Barriers to Healthcare Access in Uninsured Chronic Disease Patients at a Transitional Center: A Feasibility Study" FYAP $20,000
Toby Park "College Remediation and Postsecondary Attainment: New Evidence from Florida in the Presence Community Colleges Offering Four-Year Degrees" FYAP $20,000
Debdeep Pati "Bayesian shrinkage in high dimensions: new developments" FYAP $20,000
Stephanie Pau "What is the role of clouds in tropical forest flower production?" FYAP $20,000
Michael Penn "Conflicting Stories: Capital Market Responses to News Events Reported by Managers and Journalists" FYAP $20,000
Lara Perez-Felkner "Comparing Gendered Differences in U.S. and Cambodian Students' Participation in STEM" FYAP $20,000
Jose Pinto "The role of cardiac troponin I Autoantibody in the pathogenesis of heart disease" FYAP $20,000
Garrick Pursley "On Thinning Structural Constitutional Theory: Theoretical Disagreements, Structural Doctrine, and the Possibility of Justification Based on Wery Abstract Normative Propositions" FYAP $20,000
Sunnie Rucker-Chang "Beyond the Crescent and the Stars" FYAP $20,000
Daniel Sack "The Lecture as Performance: Theatricality in the Academy" FYAP $20,000
Robert Stilling "The Unfinished Fin de Siecle: the Aesthetics and Politics of Postcolonial Decadence FYAP $20,000
Hannah Stolze "Natural Resource Scarcity: Implications for Supply Chain Management" FYAP $20,000
Angelina Sutin "Individual, Family, and Social Determinants of Obesity in Mexican-American Youth" FYAP $20,000
Christopher Uejio "Climate Variability and Fungal Disease (Cryptococcus gattii) Risk" FYAP $20,000
Richard Urban "Representation Patterns for Cultural Heritage" FYAP $20,000
Zhi Wang "A High-Availability Virtualization Platform for Cloud Computing" FYAP $20,000
Steven Webber "Influencing interior Design Pedagogy by Determining patterns in Learning Styles and Professional Outcomes" FYAP $20,000
Janelle Wells "Antecedents, processes, and outcomes of institutional change: A case study of merging responsibilities" FYAP $20,000
Ian Whitacre "Investigating Children's Developing Integer Reasoning" FYAP $20,000
Nia Witherspoon "The Researcher Performs: Revelations of process in Sharon Brigforth's River See" FYAP $20,000
Peixiang Zhao "Networks at Your Fingertips: On Summarizing Massive Information Networks" FYAP $20,000
Yi Zhou "Conditional Test of Individual Stock Sentiment and Cross-section of Stock Returns" FYAP $20,000
Paolo Aluffi "Algebraic geometry of Potts models" COFRS $14,000
Anjali Austin "Where Are The Black Ballet Dancers in America?...Youthful Voices" COFRS $14,000
Alexander Avina "Before the Cocaine Cartels: Marijuana, Opium Poppies, and the Historical Roots of the Mexican Drug War" COFRS $14,000
Cassandra Cole "Do Health Insurers Use Affiliation to Diversify?" COFRS $14,000
Wu-Min Deng "Drosophila Snr1 and human malignant rhabdoid tumor" COFRS $14,000
Laurel Fulkerson "A Scholarly Commentary on Tibullus, Book 3" COFRS $14,000
Paul Fyfe "Networking the Victorians" COFRS $14,000
Carolina Gonzalez; Co-PI(s): Christine Weissglass "Pronunciation instruction in a Spanish grammar course: Effect on pronunciation, perception and grammar attainment" COFRS $14,000
Barbara Hamby "Back Road Odes" COFRS $14,000
Carrie Ann Jones-Baade "Through the Parallax: An Exhibition of Surreal Oil Painters" COFRS $14,000
Yukyoum Kim "How sponsorship works: A meta-analytic review" COFRS $14,000
Reinier Leushuis "Speaking of Love: the Poetics of the Amorous Dialogue in Italian and French Renaissance Literature" COFRS $14,000
Don Levitan "The evolution of gamete recognition proteins in an ecological context" COFRS $14,000
James O'Rourke "Exceptioonal States and Casual Slaughters: Politics and Violence in Shakespeare" COFRS $14,000
Chiwoo Park "Data-Driven Characterization of Nano particle Self-Assembly Processes" COFRS $14,000
Timothy Parrish "Prophet in the American Desert: Varieties of Religious Experience in the Works of Bob Dylan" COFRS $14,000
Chris Patrick "Neuroimaging analysis of dispositions toward mental disorders" COFRS $14,000
Kathleen Petersen "Geometric Structures on Knot Complements" COFRS $14,000
Mark Pietralunga "Amerigo Ruggiero's Italians in America: A Critical Edition" COFRS $14,000
Pamela Ryan "The Capricious Composer: 250 Years of Virtuoso Violists" COFRS $14,000
Krzysztof Salata "Poiesis: Grotowski's Theatre in the New Millennium" COFRS $14,000
Qing-Xiang Sang "Converting Fat Cells to Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine" COFRS $14,000
Mark Souva "Power Changes, Arms Race, and War" COFRS $14,000
Mary Stewart "Discovery Center Class Mural" COFRS $14,000
M. Elizabeth Stroupe "Multiple models of the C complex spliceosome from tomographic reconstructions" COFRS $14,000
Denise Von Glahn "Picking the Winners: The Early Years of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Music Awards" COFRS $14,000
Susan Ward "Crossing the Line: The Early Creole Novel in English, 1812-1842" COFRS $14,000
David Whalley "Portable Loop Acceleration through an Efficient Accelerator Unit (PLATEAU)" COFRS $14,000
Peng Xiong "Superconductivity in Ultrathin Films and Nanowires" COFRS $14,000
Irene Zanini-Cordi "Arachne's Web: Weaving the Italian Salons Social Network" COFRS $14,000
Ladislav Kubik; Co-PI(s): Alexander Jimenez New musical works for FSU soloists and ensembles (CD recording) AHPEG $31,600
Carolyn Henne Making Now (working title for Transdiciplinary Sharing project) AHPEG $16,000
Jack Freiberg Bramante's Tempietto and the Roman Renaissance AHPEG $15,000
Andy Opel Preemting Dissent: Policing The Crisis AHPEG $10,000
Cathy Levenson; Co-PI(s): Thomas Morgan; Diego Zorio; Pamela Twigg; Victor Schepkin Drug Resistent Cancers: Identification of Biomakers To Enhance Diagnosis and Treatment MDS $25,000
Peter Lee   DUS $10,000
Dragana Popovic   DUS $10,000
Rufina Alamo   DRP $10,000
N. Brad Schmidt   DRP $10,000
David Whalley   DRP $10,000
Meegan Hanson   DSA $10,000
Susan Latturner   DSA $10,000
William Oates   DSA $10,000
Wei Yang   DSA $10,000