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2013 - 2014 Awarded Projects

PI/Co-PI Name Title CRC Program Amount
Warren Allen Examining the social media echo chamber phenomenon in the case of the 2013 Government Shutdown FYAP $20,000
Christine Andrews-Larson Student-centered teaching in undergraduate mathematics: The role of instructor characteristics and institutional context FYAP $20,000
Janelle Baker The effects of e-health and health literacy on use of preventive health services by older African Americans FYAP $20,000
Doron Bauer Lost at Sea: Islands and the Topology of Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean FYAP $20,000
Jeff Beekman Arte Studio Ginestrelle Residency, in Assisi, Italy FYAP $20,000
Rodger Belman Nancy, Susan, and Dan – in conversation and in movement FYAP $20,000
David Berlan Financial Impact of Nonprofit Organizational Change FYAP $20,000
Christian Bleiholder Elucidating the molecular basis of chemokine-directed cell migration by
ion mobility/mass spectrometry.
FYAP $20,000
Luke Boosey Social Preferences in Network Environments FYAP $20,000
Arielle Borovsky Semantic development in early vocabulary acquisition FYAP $20,000
Kristina Buhrman The Bureau and the Way: The Heian Court and the Social Construction
of Onmyōdō
FYAP $20,000
Jeffrey Chagnon Clarifying the link between latent heating in clouds and the intensification of convective storms FYAP $20,000
Chuck Chandler Quantifying and Measuring Fluid Dynamics in the Singing Voice FYAP $20,000
Sindy Chapa Exploring The Four-Dimensional Theory Of Arousal In Emotional And Cognitive Formation Using Fear-Appeal Advertising FYAP $20,000
Julietta Cheung Re-re-appropriation: Marx and Engel’s Manifesto, Avant-garde Art and DIY 3D Printing FYAP $20,000
Christopher Clapp “Should My Car Move or Should We? An Intra-Household Model of Residential and Commuting Choices” FYAP $20,000
Jessica Clark Military Service and Political Competition in the Roman Republic FYAP $20,000
David Collins Simulations of the Interstellar Medium and Star Forming Clouds FYAP $20,000
Annika Culver “Advertising the Empire:   Consuming Japanese Imperial Modernity Through the ‘Enlightenment Triad’ of Wine, Cigarettes, and Soap, 1880s-1938” FYAP $20,000
Shanna Daniels Investigating the Relationship between Psychological Entitlement and Uncivil Behavior FYAP $20,000
Eugene DePrince Computational studies of plasmons in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons FYAP $20,000
Sarah Eyerly Utopia Improvised: The Heavenly Lotteries of the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church FYAP $20,000
Arash Fahim Model uncertainty in hedging financial derivatives under constraint FYAP $20,000
Omar Faruque Power quality impact study for the interconnection of heterogeneous
distributed energy resources
FYAP $20,000
John Felkner Impact of Socio-Ecological Systems Changes on Rural Communities in Cambodia FYAP $20,000
Jonathan Folstein Electrophysiology of Object Categorization FYAP $20,000
Colleen Ganley Math and Science Attitudes as Predictors of High-school Students’
STEM Career Plans
FYAP $20,000
Hanwei Gao High-Resolution Optical Probing of Plasmonic Photothermal Effects FYAP $20,000
Katherin Garland Understanding the Role of Popular Culture in Secondary Title I Teachers’ Instruction FYAP $20,000
Iiana Goldman Short Dance Film in the Redwoods FYAP $20,000
Sonia Haiduc Query-Specific Source Code Search Engine Configuration FYAP $20,000
Lydia Hanks The Impact of the Presence of Others on Consumer Attitudes and Donation Behavior in Restaurants FYAP $20,000
Kenneth Hanson Self-Assembled Bilayers for Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells FYAP $20,000
Kimberly Hires Culture, Sex & Perceptions of Risk Among African-American, Black-Caribbean and African men and women in the U.S. FYAP $20,000
Jonathan Holden CD Recordings: British Music for Clarinet and Piano / American Music for Clarinet and Piano FYAP $20,000
Amy Huber Communicating the Complex: Exploring Interior Designers’ Preferences for Processing Empirical Information. FYAP $20,000
Kevin Huffenberger Large scale structure analysis with infrared-selected galaxies FYAP $20,000
Jee Seon Jeon Party Shifts and Endogenous Valence of Political Parties FYAP $20,000
Kecia Johnson Incarceration, Human Capital Acquisition and Racial Inequality in the Labor Market FYAP $20,000
Holger Kern “Media effects and collective action in authoritarian regimes: RIAS and the 1953 East German uprising” FYAP $20,000
John Mac Kilgore Mania for Freedom: American Literatures of Enthusiasm from the Revolution to the Civil War FYAP $20,000
Amy Kim Sport Management in North America and Europe: A comparison of
knowledge structures of the Journal of Sport Management and European
Sport Management Quarterly, 2008–2012
FYAP $20,000
Angela Knapp Characterizing dissolved organic nitrogen released by marine nitrogen fixers FYAP $20,000
Jeffrey Lacasse Patient and Prescriber Perspectives Regarding the the RxISK Web-Based Adverse Effect Reporting Tool: A Pilot Study FYAP $20,000
Jaejin Lee Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior: New Insights Into Social Impact Consumers FYAP $20,000
Nathan Line The social servicescape: Perceived similarity of other patrons    FYAP $20,000
Baixiao Liu The economic consequences of having "Social" Executives FYAP $20,000
Mallory Lucier-Greer Perceived Stress and Mental Health in Military Families: A Stress Process Perspective Investigating the Roles of Self-Efficacy and Marital Warmth FYAP $20,000
Megan MacPherson Autonomic Correlates of Speech Function in Parkinson’s Disease FYAP $20,000
Qing Mai Developments of Structured Screening Techniques for High-
Dimensional Data
FYAP $20,000
Trinyan Mariano Houses of Law: Modes of Legality and Discourses of Authority in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature FYAP $20,000
Landon Mauler Lead Independent Directors: Good Governance or Window Dressing? FYAP $20,000
Karla McCormick Construction and Validation of a Scale to Measure Athletic Star Power FYAP $20,000
Michael McVicar Constructing the American Right-Wing: Religion, Domestic Intelligence
Gathering, and the Making of Conservatism in the United States
FYAP $20,000
Martin Mende Activating Customers as Coproducers for Better Service Outcomes FYAP $20,000
Patrick Merle One model fits all? A cross-national analysis of political discussions FYAP $20,000
Murat Mungan An Investigation Of Criminals’ Implied Risk Preferences FYAP $20,000
Jeremiah Murphy A Theory for Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions FYAP $20,000
Charles Nyce Determinants of Federal Disaster Relief FYAP $20,000
Richard Oberlin Application of harmonic analysis methods to some extensions of the return times theorem FYAP $20,000
Eren Ozguven Intermodal Needs Assessment for Transporting Vital Supplies in the Aftermath of a Disaster    FYAP $20,000
Iain Quinn Persichetti’s organ works inspired by literature FYAP $20,000
Deborah Reed Regarding Examiner Error in Curriculum-based Measurement FYAP $20,000
Ashley Rubin Nineteenth-Century Sentencing Disparities FYAP $20,000
Gloria Salazar Determining the Role of Zinc Metabolism in Vascular Senescence Using Ex-vivo Animal Models. FYAP $20,000
Lisa Schelbe Educational Experience of Youth Aging Out of the Child Welfare System FYAP $20,000
John Schwenkler Doing and Knowing: Action, Intention, and ‘Practical Knowledge’ FYAP $20,000
Maura Scott Consumer Usage of Ultra-Concentrated Products FYAP $20,000
Abhishek Shrivastava Enabling automated characterization of 1D rigid nano-objects FYAP $20,000
Martin Swanbrow Becker The Relationship of Social Connection to Distress and Suicidality Among Students in Higher Education FYAP $20,000
Minjing Tao New Development of Volatility Inference in Financial Market: A Usage
of High-frequency Financial Data
FYAP $20,000
Theresa Van Lith What do they think of us? Mental health practitioners’ perspectives of art therapy. FYAP $20,000
Gang Wang Do CEOs matter in firm performance? A meta-analytic review and theoretical extension FYAP $20,000
Alina Dana Weber The Political Institution Blood-brotherhood in German Literature and Culture FYAP $20,000
Kelly Whalon Reading to Engage Children with Autism in Language and Learning FYAP $20,000
Stephanie Zuilkowski Explaining gendered patterns of educational participation in Indonesia FYAP $20,000
John Corrigan “How Do We Study Religion and Emotion” AHPEG $8,440
Keith Roberson Hardware funding for: A.I. Portraits: A series of interactive artworks AHPEG $11,186
Holly Hanessian; Co-PI(s): Ken Baldauf The Digital Future of Clay: Wet and Dry 3D Ceramic Printing AHPEG $12,960
Xiaoming Wang; Co-PI(s): Ming Ye Mathematical and Experimental Investigation of Catastrophic
Sinkhole Collapse
MDS $25,000
Joshua Newman; Co-PI(S): Christopher Coutts, Amy Kim Mapping Playways: A Socio-Geographic Network Analysis of Youth
Sport and Community-Based Physical Activity
MDS $25,000
Philip Bowers Conformal Tilings: Local Isomorphism, Hierarchy, Conformal Type COFRS $14,000
Margaret Hanson Adulteration, revelation:
Filth, fraud, and “microscope fever”
COFRS $14,000
Donna Marie Nudd Preparing Two New Plays for Productions in the United Kingdom COFRS $14,000
Stephanie Leitch The Art of Observation in the Early Modern Print (1500-1700) COFRS $14,000
Franics Cairns Kletikon: Greek and Roman Summons and Invitation COFRS $14,000
Mark Winegardner Unknown Gunman #1 COFRS $14,000
David Kalhous Preparation of Eight Newly Commissioned Piano Works for Concert Performances and Professional Recording COFRS $14,000
Ming Cui Developing and Testing a New Psychometric Assessment of Indulgent Parenting COFRS $14,000
Kun Yang Novel Physics of Cold Atom Systems COFRS $14,000
Kaitlin Lansford Perceptual consequences for similar-sounding speakers with dysarthria COFRS $14,000
Judy Rushin Viv: An Artist's Book Edition of Variance Invariance COFRS $14,000
Yang Wang Clumped isotopes in freshwater Radix snails in Tibet and surrounding
regions: Implications for reconstructing paleo-temperatures and paleoelevations
COFRS $14,000
Aline Kalbian Moral Change and Religious Rhetoric: Negotiating Authority, Tradition, and Innovation in Normative Teaching COFRS $14,000
Frank Gunderson A Critical Inquiry into the Creative Lives and Works of Tanzanian Musicians Hassan Rehani Bitchuka and Muhidin Maalim Gurumo COFRS $14,000
Yan Li Biomechanical Regulation of Neural Differentiation from Pluripotent Stem Cells COFRS $14,000
Yingmei Cheng; Co-PI(s): Irena Hufton The Compensation Benefits of Corporate Cash Holdings COFRS $14,000
Andrei Malaev-Babel Research, translating, compiling and editing of Nikolai Demidov’s Becoming an Actor-Creator - the first English-language book collection, dedicated to the heritage of the influential 20th century Russian theater teacher and director, to be published by Routledge, London and New York COFRS $14,000
Jens Grosser Candidate Entry and Political Polarization: An Experimental Study COFRS $14,000
Bradley Cox College Students with Autism: Bridges and Barriers to Postsecondary Success COFRS $14,000
Ashok Srinivasan Computational Techniques for Simulation Based Policy Making COFRS $14,000
Jingjiao Guan Injectable Microdevices For Treating Human Diseases COFRS $14,000
Scott Steppan Bivalves in Time and Space: Phylogenomics, biogeography, and life history evolution in living and fossil bivalves COFRS $14,000
Debra Fadool Light-Activation of Neural Circuits to Mitigate Diabetes and
Unwanted Body Weight
COFRS $14,000
Stephanie Pau Belowground ecosystem function of grasslands in response to climate variation  COFRS $14,000
Per Arne Rikvold Network-theoretical Analysis and Simulation of Power Grids COFRS $14,000
Zhenghao Zhang Practical Solutions for Defeating Eavesdropping and Spoofing in Wi-Fi Networks COFRS $14,000
Lilian Garcia-Roig Cumulative Nature: La Florida COFRS $14,000
Michelle Stebleton Preparation, Recording and Production of a Compact Disc:
“Mirror Image on Safari”
COFRS $14,000
Robin Goodman "Women At War: Reflections on the Literary Front" COFRS $14,000
Adam Jolles The Curatorial Avant-Garde: Surrealism and Exhibition Practice in France, 1925–1941 SGP $1,250
Daniel Sack The Futures of Performance SGP $3,000
David Johnson Arthurian Archives: Dutch Romances IV SGP $3,000
Jennifer Atkins Anthology: Dance in American Culture SGP $3,000
Michael Bishop The Good Life: The Science & Philosophy of Well-Being SGP $3,000
Jack Freiberg Bramante's Tempietto, the Roman Renaissance, and the Spanish Crown SGP $1,250
Robert Duarte Exhibition catalogue for solo show at Antena in Chicago SGP $2,995
Robert Romanchuk The Slavic Digenis Akritis in Manuscript RNL Titov 4369 SGP $3,000
Henry Bass G-Quadruplex Tools for Plant Energy Crisis Research PG $13,000
Hong-Guo Yu The role of cohesin Scc3 in the establishment of sister chromatid cohesion PG $13,000
Raed Rizkallah Identification of a Novel Regulator of Human Cell Division PG $12,500
Fanxiu Zhu Exploring Viral-Host And Viral-Viral Interactions As Therapeutic Targets For Virus-Caused Cancers PG $13,000
Frank Fincham; Co-PI(s): Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez; Ross May Developing a National Model to Enhance Health, Academic Success and Retention of Undergraduate Students PG $13,000
Jon Maner Social Psychological and Hormonal Processes during Pregnancy PG $13,000
Romonda Horton-Ikard Establishing the Use of Computerized Language Sample Analysis (LSA)
in RTI and Special Education Programming
PG $12,940
David Tandberg Documenting and Assessing Developmental Education Reform in Florida PG $12,969
Shuyuan Ho Two Sides of a Coin: Online Identity Misrepresentation and
Deception in Virtual Collaborative Environments
PG $13,000
Fred Davis The Making of Silent Spring PG $13,000
Kathleen Erndl Bollywood and the Sacred:   Religious Symbolism and Religious Identity in Popular Hindi Cinema PG $11,599
Sarah Buck Kachaluba “Revolutionary Activists and Mothers: A Digital Library of Interviews with Mexican Women” PG $8,250
Hong Li Structure and Function Studies of Cas9 as a Human Genome Editing Tool PG $13,000
Akash Gunjan Role of histone variant H3.3 in DNA repair and childhood glioblastomas PG $13,000
Antonio Terracciano Uric acid and neuropsychiatric symptoms in individuals with cognitive impairments PG $13,000
Zuoxin Wang; Co-PI(s): Yan Liu Exploring the epigenetic effects on paternal behavior and neurochemical receptor expression PG $13,000
Hongchang Cui Generating Resources for Research on C3 and C4 photosynthesis PG $13,000
Yoichi Kato Identification of chemical compounds that regulate neural
PG $13,000
Stephen Tripodi Pilot study of a trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral program for incarcerated women PG $13,000
Holger Kern Truth replaced by silence: private censorship in Russia PG $13,000
Angelina Sutin Perceived discrimination and health in young adulthood
PG $13,000
Roxanne Hughes Exploring Gender Differences in Undergraduates’ STEM Identity PG $13,000
Patrice Iatarola High School Accountability, Pushing Rigor: Evidence from Florida PG $13,000
James Whyte HIV Service Providers: Decreasing Stigmatizing Behaviors in Clinical Settings PG $13,000
Jesse Cougle Computerized anger-reduction treatment for alcohol use disorder PG $13,000
Laura Lee From Early Film to Japan’s Classical Studio Style: A Stylistic Lineage PG $13,000
Michael McVicar Constructing the American Right-Wing: Religion, Domestic Intelligence
Gathering, and the Making of Conservatism in the United States
PG $8,904
Iain Quinn The Enlightenment Influence - Recording The Organ Music of C.P.E. Bach, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, J. N. Hummel and C. Czerny PG $13,000
Joseph Hellweg   DSA $10,000
Young-Suk Kim   DSA $10,000
Brian Miller   DSA $10,000
Michael Shatruk   DSA $10,000
Ming Ye   DSA $10,000
Dean Falk   DRP $10,000
Darrin McMahon   DRP $10,000
Anuj Srivastava   DRP $10,000
Paolo Annino   DUS $10,000
Luis Balicas   DUS $10,000