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2014 - 2015 Awarded Projects

PI/Co-PI Name Title CRC Program Amount
Amy Sang; Co-PI(s): Diego Zorio Adult Human Stem Cell Chemotherapy Resistance: Functional Roles of Growth Arrest Specific Protein 1 and Multidrug Resistance P-Glycoprotein 1 PG $13,000
Joelle Dietrick CodeSpaces + Cargo Mobilities PG $13,000
Yani Li Constructing Cardiac Tissues Using 3D Auxetic Scaffolds PG $13,000
Karen Geletko; Co-PI(s): Gail Bellamy; Karen Myers E-cigarettes: Physician knowledge and patient assessment activity PG $13,000
Arturo Figueroa-Galvez; Co-PI(s): Judy Delp Effects of two strength training modes on arterial function, inflammation, and walking capacity in older adults with peripheral arterial disease PG $13,000
Shelbie Witte; Co-PI(s): Melissa Gross; Dan Latham High School Principals' View of Teacher and Librarian Collaborations to Promote Student Acquisition of 21st Century Skills PG $13,000
David Gilbert Linking chromosome translocations to altered DNA replication in pediatric leukemia PG $13,000
Wei Wu Metric-Based Statistical Inferences in the Neural Spike Train Space PG $13,000
David Johnson Reconstructing Europe in England (600-1250): Transcultural and Translingual Paradigms PG $13,000
Warren Allen Social Media Pilot System to Represent Soft Skills of Information Technology Students PG $12,276
M. Elizabeth Stroupe Structural characterization of NDPK with its DNA binding ligand PG $13,000
Yi Zhou The 14-3-3 Functional Knockout Mice as an Animal Model of Schizophrenia PG $13,000
Adam Jolles The Curatorial History of Photography in the United States PG $13,000
Luke Boosey; Co-PI(s): Sebastian Goerg Timing of Discretionary Bonuses in the Workplace PG $13,000
Wei Guo Visualization study of vortex-line dynamics in a magnetically levitated helium-4 drop PG $13,000
Mark Messersmith; Co-PI(s): Lillian Garcia-Roig; Judith Rushin When Worlds Collide [working title], Exhibition at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art PG $13,000
Kimberly Driscoll Why Don't Patients Use Innovate Type 1 Diabetes Technology? PG $13,000
Jeff Beekman Battlefield Project PG $13,000
Carolina Gonzalez; Co-PI(s): Anel Brandl The Development of Intonation in Second Language Spanish PG $13,000
Daniel Hallinan, Jr. Electrochemical Recovery of Thermal Energy Using Polymer Electrolytes PG $12,997
Kevin Huffenberger Diagnosing Polarized Dust Contamination to the Cosmic Microwave Background PG $13,000
Angela Knapp Collecting and characterizing marine diazotrophs in the Gulf of Mexico PG $13,000
Susan Latturner Synthesis of Metal Sulfides in S/I2 Flux PG $13,000
Karen McGinnis Genome-wide distribution and targeting of maize silencing proteins. PG $13,000
Brian Miller Single-molecule fluorescence studies of human glucokinase PG $13,000
Jill Pable Housing for the Homeless Knowledge Resource PG $13,000
Chiwoo Park In-situ Processing of Massive Scientific Image Data PG $13,000
Darin Rokyta Centipede Venomics and the Experimental Evolution of Resistance PG $13,000
An-I Wang Better Computer Storage Reliability through Implicit Replicas PG $13,000
Carol Weissert Why Do They Do It? Understanding Legislative Agenda Setting in Florida PG $11,586
Heidi Williams The American Voice: Musical Narrative through Sonatas and Songs PG $13,000
Laurie Wood Archipelago of Justice: Law in France’s Early Modern Empire PG $13,000
Michael Blaber Acceleration of Dermal Healings by Wild-type and Mutant Fibroblast Growth Factor-1 in the NONcCNZO10/LtJ Type 2 Diabetic Mouse SGP $3,000
Shannon Hall-Mills Exploring the Language of Persuasion: Analysis of Linguistic Features in High School Students' Persuasive Discourse SGP $3,000
Judy Rushin Solar Paintings SGP $3,000
Branko Stefanovic Toxicological assessment of the novel antifibrotic drug discovered at FSU SGP $3,000
Tarez Graban Rhetoric, Irony, and Transnational Feminism SGP $2,700
Irene Zanini-Cordi Tales of Nationhood and Identity in the Risorgimento SGP $3,000
Margareta Ackerman Foundations of Incremental Clustering FYAP $20,000
Sergio Almaraz-Calderon Measurement of nuclear reactions relevant for Novae and X-ray bursts nucleosynthesis. FYAP $20,000
Christianne Beekman Frustration in strained pyrochlore thin films. FYAP $20,000
Daniel Belcher Performance and Recording of New Operas and Chamber Music FYAP $20,000
Bethany Blair Examining the Transactional Nature of Social Development FYAP $20,000
Shamra Boel-Studt Estimating patterns and social-ecological influences of childhood victimization by race/ethnicity from early childhood through late adolescence FYAP $20,000
Malia Bruker Another Knowing FYAP $20,000
Scott Burgess The ecological causes of local adaptation in coastal marine invertebrates FYAP $20,000
Graig Chow Enhancing the utilization of sport psychology services in collegiate athletes FYAP $20,000
Hoyong Chung New polymers for biomedical applications: Synthesis and application of innovative biomedical adhesives FYAP $20,000
Sabrina Dickey Prostate Cancer Screening Among African American Men: An Educational Intervention FYAP $20,000
Mikhail Dmitriev Rules or Discretion: Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound FYAP $20,000
David Folch Pseudo Margins of Error for Metrics Based on American Community Survey Data FYAP $20,000
James Frederich Complexity-building cascade reactions initiated by [4+4]-photocycloaddition FYAP $20,000
Mariana Fuentes Forecasting range expansion of marine turtles and their exposure to coastal development FYAP $20,000
Lucinda Graven Feasibility of the Coping in Heart Failure (COPE-HF) Partnership: A Telephone-Based Intervention Study FYAP $20,000
Brain Graves Public Communication and the Preservation of North Florida's Gullah/Geechee History and Culture FYAP $20,000
Elizabeth Hammock Neural mechanisms of social support in development FYAP $20,000
Summer Harlow Regenerating Journalism: A Study of the Rise of Online-Native Media in Latin America FYAP $20,000
Lynne Hinnant The Potential Impact of Management Practices on the Employment Viability of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) within the Information Professions FYAP $20,000
Christopher Holmes Impacts of air pollution on the global biosphere and climate FYAP $20,000
Skip Horack Epulu: The Story of an African Massacre FYAP $20,000
Yan-Yan Hu Ionic Conduction Mechanisms in Low-cost and Rare-earthfree Fast Ion Conductors FYAP $20,000
Chen Huang Potential-functional embedding theory: a simple and non-empirical approach to solving strongly correlated materials FYAP $20,000
Noyan Ilk Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources for Big Data Mining FYAP $20,000
Erin Ingvalson Mechanisms of Non-Native Speech Learning in Older Adults FYAP $20,000
Sarah Ivy Reinforcement Strategies for Learners with Visual Impairment and Additional Disabilities FYAP $20,000
Evan T. Jones, III Application of Class Voice in the Training of Music Educators FYAP $20,000
Justin Kennemur New Material Opportunities from Renewable Biomass: Revisiting the Emulsion Polymerization of Vinyl Furan FYAP $20,000
Carl Kitchens Placed Based Development Policies and Infrastructure Investments throughout the 20th Century FYAP $20,000
Michael Kofler Evaluating the Feasibility of Central Executive Training for Children with ADHD FYAP $20,000
S. Kathleen Krach Efficacy of Computer-Based Social Skills Training in Elementary School FYAP $20,000
Sven Kranz Physiological Responses of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis to Climate Change FYAP $20,000
Mary Lawhon Situated, Networked Environmentalisms in the South African Press FYAP $20,000
Hannah Lee The Role of Organic Food Consumption in Perceived Well-being for Consumers with Chronic Diseases FYAP $20,000
Joshua Lee Using Big Data Techniques to Improve Our Understanding of Accruals FYAP $20,000
Virginia M. Lewis Myth, Locality, and Identity in Pindar’s Sicilian Odes FYAP $20,000
Shangchao Lin Computational Phonon Engineering of Carbon-Based Nanofluids and Nanocomposites for High-Performance Thermal Management FYAP $20,000
Michael McFarland Exploiting a Natural Experiment to Understand Health Disparities: The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Infant and Maternal Health FYAP $20,000
Leithen M'Gonigle Speciation and species coexistence by sexual selection FYAP $20,000
Katherine Mooney "It is a very small article": Constructing Families in 19th-Century America FYAP $20,000
Nick Moore Moving boundary problems for how solids dissolve in fluid flows FYAP $20,000
Antje Muntendam The role of stress position in bilingual word recognition: Cognate processing in Turkish and Dutch FYAP $20,000
Philip Osteen Suicide Prevention Training for Community Gatekeepers: A Meta-Analysis FYAP $20,000
So Hyun Park Factors Influencing Obesity Among Preschoolers: Multi Level Approach FYAP $20,000
Christina Parker-Flynn Postmodern/Postmortem Film FYAP $20,000
Spencer Pierce Creditor Intervention and Non-GAAP Reporting: Evidence from Debt Covenant Violations FYAP $20,000
Matthew Pietryka Motivation, Misinformation, and Strategic Communication in Political Discussion FYAP $20,000
Courtney Preston Teacher Preparation and Beginning Teacher Retention FYAP $20,000
Ann Rowson Love Research on Three Art Museums' Strategies for Collaborative, Interactive Gallery Interpretation and Implications at the Ringling Museum of Art FYAP $20,000
Hannah Schwadron Book Manuscript – Return of the Sexy Jewess FYAP $20,000
Guangzhi Shang Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Consumer Product Returns FYAP $20,000
Sara Shields Artful Pedagogy FYAP $20,000
Robert Spencer Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Fire on Terrestrial Organic Matter Export to the Arctic Ocean FYAP $20,000
Michael Stukel Assessing spatial patterns of carbon and nitrogen fluxes in the Gulf of Mexico FYAP $20,000
Robert Tomko Quality Control of Eukaryotic Proteasome Biogenesis FYAP $20,000
Dan Torop Autumn Express FYAP $20,000
Corbin Treacy After Algeria's Wars: The Cinema of Tariq Teguia and Merzak Allouache FYAP $20,000
Hui Wang Three-Level Physics Guided Stochastic Modeling of Nanostructure Variations in Nanomaterial Manufacturing Processes FYAP $20,000
Wenxia Wang Learning to Teach Chinese in U.S. K-12 Schools: Bridging theory to practice FYAP $20,000
Laurie Wood Risks & Realities: Death and Credit in the French Tropics FYAP $20,000
Jie Yang Towards Understanding the Advertiser's Perspective of Smartphone User Privacy FYAP $20,000
Seth Young Discerning Mechanisms of Environmental and Climatic Changes Associated with the Late Silurian Extinction Event FYAP $20,000
Zhibin Yu Synergetic Crystallinity and Morphology Control in Hybrid Perovskite Thin-Films for Next Generation Solar Panels FYAP $20,000
Henry Zhang New sufficient dimension reduction approaches for modern scientific data with complex structures FYAP $20,000
Amod Agashe Stark’s conjecture and Hilbert’s twelfth problem COFRS $14,000
Ioanna Armata Dopamine Responsive Dystonia as a model for upstream Open Reading Frame (uORF) diseases COFRS $14,000
Peter Beerli Simulating Deep Sea Shark populations, explorations to improve population genetic inference from genomic data. COFRS $14,000
Michael Bishop Critical Thinking: A New Approach COFRS $14,000
Kristina Buhrman Information and Expertise in 12th-century Japan: A Study and Preliminary Translation of Fujiwara no Tametaka’s Eishōki COFRS $14,000
Michael Carrasco An Anthology of Classic Maya Literature COFRS $14,000
Annika Culver For the Birds: An American Ornithologist’s Interactions with Japanese Scientists in US-Occupied Japan, 1946-1949 COFRS $14,000
Emily DuVal Understanding the genetic basis of mate choice: the role of major histocompatibility complex variation in a lekking suboscine passerine. COFRS $14,000
Barry Faulk Beat Connections: William S. Burroughs and British Rock COFRS $14,000
Joann Gardner The Deaf Island: Poems COFRS $14,000
Matthew Goff “Let No Wise Proverbs Escape You” (Sir. 6:35): A Commentary on the Book of Ben Sira COFRS $14,000
Stanely Gontarski The Archive as Text: An Engagement with Literary Composition COFRS $14,000
Will Hanley The Unknown Piano Music of Jean Roger-Ducasse (1873-1954) COFRS $14,000
Eriko Hironaka Dynamics, polynomials and entropy COFRS $14,000
Martin Kavka A Jewish Bacchanalian Revel: The Place of Hegel in Jewish Philosophy COFRS $14,000
Pamela Keel Identification of Biomarkers of Illness Trajectory in Bulimic Syndromes COFRS $14,000
James Kimbrell Stanzas from Earth, Son of Zig, and The Parameters of Grace COFRS $14,000
Megan MacPherson Autonomic-Motor Interactions in the Disordered Speech Production of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Acoustic and Physiologic Indices COFRS $14,000
Michael McVicar Constructing the Red Menace: Domestic Intelligence Gathering and Religious Activism During the Cold War COFRS $14,000
Mike Mesterton-Gibbons Toward a More Expansive Theory of Animal Contest Behavior COFRS $14,000
Paul Niell Landscapes of Reform in Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rico COFRS $11,980
Toby Park Student Baccalaureate Degree Attainment: A Preliminary Analysis of Community College Baccalaureate Programs COFRS $14,000
Lara Reglero The intonation of in situ questions in Spanish COFRS $14,000
Diane Roberts The Zuleika Dobson Society COFRS $14,000
Gloria Salazar Determining the Protective Role of Various Berry Polyphenol Extracts in Vascular Senescence in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells COFRS $14,000
Martin Swanbrow Becker The Impact of Training on Resident and Resident Assistants’ Health COFRS $14,000
David Tandberg State Higher Education Policy ‘Innovativeness’ and Student Success COFRS $14,000
Kenneth Taylor The Three-Dimensional Structure of the Drosophila Z-Disc COFRS $14,000
Theresa Van Lith Understanding the significance of art therapy for clients with mental health issues. COFRS $14,000
Jimmy Yu Chinese Buddhist Modernity COFRS $14,000
Andrea De Giorgi Sustainability in Roman Times. The Baths at Cosa. AHPEG $19,815
Nancy DeGrummond The Context of the Etruscan Well at Cetamura del Chianti: Landscape and Environment AHPEG $20,000
Peter Weishar Cuban Art in the Twentieth Century AHPEG $17,600
Xiuwen Liu; Co-PI(s): Xiaojun Yang A Scalable Probabilistic Spatiotemporal Inference Framework for Natural Ecosystem Monitoring by Remote Sensing MDS $25,000
Sandra Brooke; Co-PI(s): Felicia Coleman; Dean Grubbs, Allan Clarke; Angela Knapp; Olivia Mason; Markus Huettel; Jeff Chanton; Nico Wienders; Chip Cotton Proposal to the Equipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Program Oceanographic sampling system for the R/V Apalachee EIEG $34,835
Yanchang Wang; Co-PI(s): Akash Gunjan; Pradeep Bhide; Jose Pinto; Raed Rizkallah; Cathy Levenson; Tim Megraw; David Meckes; Michelle Arbeitman; Yoichi Kato; Yi Ren; David Gilbert; Wu-min Deng; Fanxiu Zhu; Amy Sang; Yan Li Enhancing Biomedical Research by Confocal Microscopy with Quantitative Capability EIEG $85,000
Richard Hyson; Co-PI(s): Frank Johnson; Richard Bertram; Wei Wu Patch clamp for interdisciplinary collaboration EIEG $42,208
Duncan Sousa; Co-PI(s): Kenneth Taylor; M. Elizabeth Stroupe; Scott Stagg; Jose Pinto; Hong Li; Anant Paravastu Purchase of a vacuum evaporator for the BSIR EIEG $38,180
Kevin Speer; Co-PI(s): Mark Bourassa; Ming Cai; David Collins; Markus Huettel; Nick Moore Thermal Imaging for Environmental Research at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute EIEG $22,846
Dennis Slice; Co-PI(s): Michael Carrasco; Greg Erickson; Scott Steppan 3D surface scanning systems for morphometric data acquisition EIEG $16,600
Kenneth Knappenberger   DSA $10,000
Marcia Mardis   DSA $10,000
Michael Roper   DSA $10,000
Yiyuan She   DSA $10,000
Jeanne Wanzek   DSA $10,000
Alan Spector   DRP $10,000
David Gilbert   DRP $10,000
Ke Han   DUS $10,000