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FSU Research Awards Report: April, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsorAmount
Adams, Todd Activities Related to the US CMS Phase 2 Upgrade R&D Subsystem Fermi National Accelerator Lab $5,000.00
Aluffi, Paolo Segre Classes as Integrals over Polytopes and Other Problems in Intersection Theory National Security Agency $28,891.00
Annino, Paul; Co-PI(s): Miller, Catherine Training Video: Advocacy for Dependent Children with Special Needs Florida Justice Administrative $20,000.00
Annino, Paul; Co-PI(s): Miller, Catherine Attorney Training on Florida Medicaid Waiver Advocacy for Children with Developmental Disabilities Florida Justice Administrative $20,000.00
Augustyniak, Rebecca; Finley, Amy Instructional Design Services And Training Support Florida Department of Health $30,687.00
Bhide, Pradeep Transgenerational Effects of Nicotine Exposure Escher Fund for Autism $5,000.00
Bienkiewicz, Ewa Cell Culture Testing of a Combinatorial Approach to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease. ALZYN LLC $20,000.00
Born, Patricia; Co-PI(s): Dumm, Randy Financial Achievability of Florida Department of Transportation Research Projects: Putting the Financial Analysis Framework into Action Florida Department of Transportation $159,324.00
Brown, Jeffrey Internship Program for 2015-2016 City of Tallahassee $8,192.00
Chapin, Timothy; Co-PI(s): Duncan, Michael; Horner, Mark Assessing the Property Value Impacts of Sunrail Stations Florida Department of Transportation $146,298.92
Charness, Neil; Co-PI(s): Boot, Walter Create III Bridge University of Miami $32,845.00
Coleman, Felicia; Co-PI(s): Ellis, Robert John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship University of Florida $55,094.00
Dennard, Harry Memphis and Shelby County Livability Dashboard University of Memphis $60,000.00
Fadool, James Disease Models for High Throughput Screens National Eye Institute $215,820.00
Feiock, Richard Collaborative Research: Integrated City Sustainability: Administrative Apparatus for Overcoming Collective Dilemmas of Agency Fragmentation National Science Foundation $105,072.00
Gunzburger, Max A Multiscale Reactive Peridynamics Framework for Corrosion Fatigue Damage Prediction Advanced Cooling Technologies $150,000.00
Guo, Wei Visualization study of Vortex-Line Dynamics in a Magnetically Levitated Helium-4 Superfluid Drop National Science Foundation $104,343.00
Heacox, Christopher The Southern Circuit of Independent Filmmakers South Arts, Inc $2,400.00
Keating, Patrick Oh Noah Promotion WNET-New York Public Media $1,000.00
Knappenberger, Kenneth Foundations of Nanoscale Energy Transfer in Molecular Plasmonics Air Force Office of Scientific Research $162,456.00
Meckes, David Exosome-Dependent Trafficking of the Epstein-Barr Virus LMP1 National Cancer Institute $414,462.00
Miller, Thomas; Co-PI(s): Mason, Olivia Evolution Of Multiple Competitors; Experimental Evolution Using A Natural Protozoan Community National Science Foundation $582,958.00
Pastore, Abigail; Co-PI(s): Miller, Thomas Dissertation Research:Characterizing The Evolution Of Bacterial Resource-Use Of Competing Protists National Science Foundation $19,752.00
Reyes, Elena; Co-PI(s): Kazmer, Michelle; Slate, Elizabeth HPV Vaccination Among Low-Income Hispanic Adolescents Northwestern University $70,099.00
Schlenoff, Joseph Fundamental Properties of Saloplastic Polyelectrolyte Complexes National Science Foundation $453,000.00
Srinivasan, Ashok Collaborative Research: Simulation-Based Policy Analysis For Reducing Ebola Transmission Risk in Air Travel National Science Foundation $50,000.00
Steurer, Michael; Co-PI(s): Langston, James; Schoder, Karl ESIF Grid Simulator Modeling National Renewable Energy Laboratory $120,000.00
Sutin, Angelina The Development of Obesity in Mexican-Origin Youth National Institute of Child Health and Human Development $451,150.00
Vinson, Michelle Genomic Medicine Implementation: The Personalized Medicine Program University of Florida $20,859.00
Wahl, Horst Quarknet University of Notre Dame $6,000.00
Wang, Wenxia; Co-PI(s): Galeano, Rebecca Learning to Teach Critical Languages from Best Practices National Security Agency $89,994.00
Wise, Sherwood Oligocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Site U1438 in the Western Pacific Ocean Consortium for Ocean Leadership $14,999.00

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.