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FSU Research Awards Report: August, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Abichou, Tarek; Co-PI(s): Chanton, Jeffrey Methane Oxidation: Field-Scale Test Sections Experiment Environmental Research and Education Foundation $70,000
Alvi, Farrukh; Co-PI(s): Cattafesta, Louis Exploring the Design of Resonance Enhanced Microjet (REM) Actuators as an Acoustic Source for NASA Langley GFIT National Institute of Aerospace $60,001
Berlan, David; Co-PI(s): Young, Sarah Building the Capacity of Capacity Builders: A Study of Nonprofit Associations ASAE Foundation $7,500
Boyle, Helen Peace Corps Professional Campus Recruitment Services U. S. Peace Corps $17,646
Boyle, Helen; Co-PI(s): Kim, Young-Suk Landscape Report on Primary Grade Reading University Research Corporation - Center $146,832
Brown, Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): Duncan, Michael; Horner, Mark Best Practice Approaches To Increasing Transit Use Among Older Americans Florida Department of Transportation $69,330
Carretta, Henry Examination of Medical Care Utilization and Costs of Transition-Age Young Adult Medicare Beneficiaries with Autism Spectrum Disorder Health Resources & Services Administration $99,039
Cattafesta, Louis Additional Aeroacoustic Measurements Of Leading-Edge Slat For Computational Validation National Aeronautics & Space Administration $80,000
Cattafesta, Louis; Co-PI(s): Taira, Kunihiko Instability-Based Control Of A Developing Trailing Vortex Office of Naval Research $90,000
Chapa, Sindy Cultural Drives of Hispanic Decision Making in Career Choice Wells Fargo $20,000
Chassignet, Eric; Co-PI(s): Xu, Xiaobiao Ocean and Sea Ice and Their Interactions Around Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula in Forced Fine-Resolution Global Simulations U. S. Department of Energy $73,828
Clark, Kathleen Collaborative Research: Transforming Instruction In Undergraduate Mathematics Via Primary Historical Sources (TRIUMPHS) National Science Foundation $413,636
Duval, Emily CAREER: Integrating Evolutionary and Mechanistic Investigation of Variation in Cooperation and Life History National Science Foundation $100,000
Ferguson, Michael Lauren's Kids Web Development 2016 Lauren's Kids, Inc $600,000
Graber, Lukas Market Analysis and Customer Needs Identification for the Commercialization of a High-Speed Disconnect Switch National Science Foundation $50,000
Green, Benjamin Office of State Courts Admin Aug - Sept 2015 Workshops Florida State Courts Administration $1,500
Green, Benjamin Polk County Sheriff's Office CPM Levels 1-8 2015-2017 Polk County Sheriff's Office $143,500
Grubbs, Laurie Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Nursing Research Program Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare $68,202
Guan, Jingjiao; Co-PI(s): Chung, Ho Yong; Ren, Yi EAGER: Biomanufacturing: Development of a Universal Technique for Functionalizing Therapeutic Cells with Microdevices National Science Foundation $183,034
Hanson, Kenneth; Co-PI(s): Shatruk, Mykhailo; Strouse, Geoffrey MRI: Acquisition of a Transient Absorption Spectrometer National Science Foundation $206,847
Harrington, Julie Economic Impacts of the State University System of Florida: Update for FY2014-15 Florida Board of Governors $17,050
Howell, Richard; Co-PI(s): Bowermeister, Thomas PPG Grant Social Norms - CARE Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort Inc. $20,271
Hu, Yan-Yan SUSChem: Ionic Conduction Mechanisms in Low-Cost and Rare-Earth Free Fast Ion Conductor National Science Foundation $297,570
Jones, Robert Florida Civic Advance Miami Summit Allegany Franciscan Ministries $20,001
Jones, Robert Monroe County Affordable Housing 11Monroe County Board of County $51,000
Kelling, Kimberly PBS Odd Squad Camp Public Broadcasting Service $5,000
Knappenberger, Kenneth Collaborative Research: Excited State Dynamics of Structurally Precise Metal Nanoclusters National Science Foundation $320,000
Knight, Gary 2015-16 Natural Community Mapping, OBVM Monitoring, Gopher Tortoise Monitoring, and Technical Support Florida Fish and Wildlife Cons $233,250
Knight, Gary Ecological Inventory & Conservation Planning For The National Forests In Florida U. S. Forest Service $60,570
Lewis, Sandra Critical Initiatives In Visual Impairment (CIVI) Florida Department of Education - FEM $519,611
Marcus, Nancy 2015-2016 FL Education Fund Fellowships Florida Education Fund $310,205
McGinnis, Karen Transcriptional Silencing And Enhancing Mechanisms in Maize National Science Foundation $148,382
Milligan, Jeffrey Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) Administration Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,100,000
Nelson, Roy Earthcube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Enhancing Paleontological And Neontological Data Discovery API National Science Foundation $154,360
Palladino-Craig, Allys FY15 Cultural Tourism Marketing Grant Council on Culture & Arts $3,000
Peterson, Carla; Co-PI(s): Burdick, Ansje MANCC Forward Dialogues 2015 National Endowment for the Arts $30,000
Prosper, Harrison Tracking Down Supersymmetry Universities Research Association $6,500
Razzouk, Rabieh Mathematics and Science Partnership Title II Part B Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,500,000
Saha, Sourav Reversible Anion and Ion-Pair Recognition under Electronic Control National Science Foundation $130,000
Schwartz, Austin; Co-PI(s): Fadool, Debra Magnetic Targeting to a Novel Modulator of Metabolism in the Olfactory Bulb National Institute on Deafness $38,297
Selvey, Anne Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS) Multidisciplinary Educational Services Centers Florida Department of Education - SDE $450,000
Shute, Valerie Stealth Assessment of Integrated Cognitive and Noncognitive Constructs ACT $160,000
Siegrist, Theo DMREF: Collaborative Research: Discovering Insulating Topological Insulators National Science Foundation  
Siegrist, Theo DMREF: Collaborative Research: Discovering Insulating Topological Insulators National Science Foundation $300,000
Speer, Kevin Collaborative Research: Deep Eastern Ocean Boundary Currents From Local Submesoscale Potential Vorticity Dynamics To Global Climate Implications National Science Foundation $334,826
Stanwood, Gregg; Co-PI(s): Graham, Devon GLP-1 Receptors and Psychostimulant Addiction National Institute on Drug Abuse $191,114
Stroupe, Margaret Quality Control in Ribosome Assembly - The Function of Regulatory Proteins Scripps Research Institute $67,021
Vanderbilt, Carla; Co-PI(s): Duval, Emily DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Understanding Variation in Motor Performance and Mate Choice in a Lekking Species with Complex, Acrobatic Displays National Science Foundation $19,760
Wetherby, Amy; Co-PI(s): Morgan, Lindee Center for Autism and Related Disabilities(CARD) Florida Department of Education - SDE $1,171,922
Whitacre, Ian Teaching and Learning Algebraic Thinking Across the Middle Grades: A Research-Based Approach Using PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado $161,014
Wiedenhoever, Ingo Ludwig 14th Exotic Beams Summer School U. S. Department of Energy $10,000
Wilkes, Mary Gulf Coast State College - EAP Gulf Coast Community College $17,388
Wilkes, Mary Tallahassee Community College - EAP Tallahassee Community College $43,200
Yang, Jie Making Inferences of Physical Properties to Enhance Wireless Security Stevens Institute of Technology $64,214
Zeng, Changchun SSMART: Smart Sock Manufactured For Amputee Rehabilitation And Comfort United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity $500,000
Zheng, Jianping Monolithic Li-Ion Battery And Li-Ion Capacitor Hybrid Cells For Brigade, Soldier And Small Unit Power U. S. Army Research Laboratory $1,215,441