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FSU Research Awards Report: December, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Moses, Ren Civil Engineering Support For The Traffic Monitoring Program State of Florida $80,000
Gilbert, David Combined Cytological, Genomic, and Functional Mapping of Nuclear Genome Organization University of Illinois, Urbana $334,900
Torrence, Kathleen; Co- PI: Steppan, Scott Cryptic Speciation and Distribution Patterns of the Class: Crinoidea Society of Systematic Biologists $1,500
Kapp, Marshall; Co- PI: Turner, Gregory Developing Educational Models For Physician/Attorney Collaboration On Behalf Of Older Individuals Retirement Research Foundation $38,817
Dennard, Harry DFS - Development of Florida Financial Education Interactive Website State of Florida $326,740
Felkner, John FEW: River FEWs: Workshop to Explore the Nexus Between Food, Energy, and Water in a Large International River System University of Washington, Seattle $3,457
Switzer, Beth Florida Channel Year Round Coverage State of Florida $2,562,588
Reyes, Elena; Co- PI: Rosado, Javier FSUCOM Primary Care Phase 3 State of Florida $463,500
Russell, James; Co- PI: Jacob, Edwin Funding For Additional Portable Computing Devices State of Florida $12,000
Mullins, David FY 2016 TV Interconnection Grant Corporation for Public Broadcast $32,352
Stiegman, Albert Hierarchical Design of Supported Organometallic Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Transformation University of California, Santa Barbara $60,000
Yang, Wei High Performance Simulation of Functional Domains in Model Membranes and Protocells UT-Battelle LLC $50,000
Compton, Donald; Co- PIs: Foorman, Barbara; Petscher, Yaacov; Wood, Carla Impact Evaluations of Academic Language Interventions MDRC $377,374
Park, Chiwoo; Co- PIs: Liu, Tao; Shanbhag, Sachin; Xin, Yan Liquid Specimen Holder for In-situ Transmission Electron Microscope for Characterizing Wet-Chemistry-Based Nanomaterial Processes in Real-Time Air Force Office of Scientific Research $120,500
Lu, Jun Measurement Of Nb3Sn Heat Treatment Witness Samples UT-Battelle LLC $54,017
Knight, Gary NC Mapping State of Florida $101,797
Misra, Vasubandhu; Co- PI: Zierden, David NIDIS Drought Early Warning System in the Southeast University of Florida $50,000
Jones, Robert North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership Suwannee River Water Management $102,690
Osteen, Philip Online Screening and Early Intervention to Prevent Suicide among Middle-Aged Men University of Maryland, Baltimore $29,151
Kim, Jeong-Su; Co- PIs: Myers, Christopher; Panton, Lynn Part II - The Effects of Acute and Repeated Long Duration O2 Exposure on Skeletal Muscle Performance and Oxidative Stress in Navy Divers Office of Naval Research $82,492
Kelling, Kimberly PBS Kids Launch-Ready Jet Go Public Broadcasting Service $2,000
Wetherby, Amy Professional Development Activities for Educators Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder University of South Florida $22,900
Lata, Matthew Project 1 - Florida State Opera Outreach Program Council on Culture & Arts $12,000
Palladino-Craig, Allys Project 1 - Programming for All Cultural Audiences Council on Culture & Arts $13,500
Mukhitov, Nikita; Co- PI: Roper, Michael Role Of Pancreatic Hormone Pulsatility On That Hepatic Metabolic State: Implications On Glucose Regulation And Lipoprotein Traffic American Heart Association $52,000
Switzer, Beth Statewide Governmental and Cultural Affairs Programming State of Florida $497,522
Razzouk, Rabieh STEM for 21st Century College and Careers (C2) Lake County Schools $58,600
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Theory of Protein-Protein Association National Institute of General $244,518
Ma, Teng Thermoresponsive Coating of Culture Plates using N-Isopropylacrylamide-based Thermoresponsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films Eppendorf $20,000
Chambers, Stacy; Co- PI: Wills, Angela Title 1, Part A, Education of Disadvantaged Children & Youth State of Florida $282,185
Hurt, Myra; Co- PI: Muszynski, Michael Together: Transforming and Translating Discovery to Improve Health University of Florida $209,000
Clarke, Allan Transport to the Coast in the Top Centimeter of the Water Column National Academy of Sciences $432,922
Osborn, Debra; Co- PI: Sampson, James Understanding and Enhancing Career Information Literacy Alliance of Career Resource Professionals $10,000
Graham, Mimi Young Parents Project Of The 11th Judicial Circuit The Children's Trust $331,966