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FSU Research Awards Report: July, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsor NameAmount
Alamo, Rufina Characterization of Propylene Ethylene Impact Copolymers and Effect on Elongation Properties SCG $74,999
Bass, Henry; Co-PI(s): Dennis, Jonathan; Vera, Daniel; Zhang, Jinfeng Nuclease Profiling as an Integrative Resource for Maize Epigenomics National Science Foundation $2,133,825
Graham, Mimi FSU's Young Parents Project The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade $7,500
Haiduc, Sonia SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Text Retrieval in Software Engineering 2.0 National Science Foundation $224,998
Hart, Robert Evolution of Several Factors Influencing U.S. Landfall Probability Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences $60,210
Kampmann, Raphael; Co-PI(s): Tawfiq, Kamal Use of High Alkali Cement in FDOT Class IV Concrete Lehigh Cement Company $38,000
Knight, Gary 2015 - 2016 Invasive Plants Management Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $347,223
Marcus, Nancy Oceanography Magazine Special Issue On Graduate Education In The Ocean Sciences National Science Foundation $13,000
Mast, Austin; Co-PI(s): Riccardi, Gregory ABI DEVELOPMENT: Notes From Nature: Advancing A Next Generation Citizen Science Platform For Biocollection Transcription National Science Foundation $336,938
Palm, Eric Radiogenic Isotope Analysis and Interpretations of Volcanic Rocks from Harrat Rahat, Saudi Arabia U. S. Geological Survey $112,500
Stiegman, Albert Production Of Thick Films Of Thiol-Ene Polymers For Prototype Evaluation Magic Leap $2,000
Whalley, David Collaborative Research: Sphinx: Combining Data And Instruction Level Parallelism Through Demand Driven Execution Of Imperative Programs National Science Foundation $315,000
Wilke, Dina; Co-PI(s): Radey, Melissa Florida Study of Professional for Safe Families (FSPSF) Florida Institute for Child Welfare $250,000
Yancey, Kathleen; Co-PI(s): Workman, Erin Transfer Extension Project Council of Writing Program Administrator $4,000