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FSU Research Awards Report: June, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsor NameAmount
Gunzburger, Max Advanced Numerical Methods for Computing Statistical Quantities of Interest from Solutions SPDEs Air Force Office of Scientific Research $164,113
Hu, Zhongjun; Co-PI(s): Taylor, Kenneth The Three Dimensional Structure Study of Z-Disc and Relaxed Thick Filament in Insect Flight Muscle American Heart Association $52,000
Pinto, Jose The Role Of Cardiac Troponin C In The Pathogenesis Of Hypertrophic And Dilated Cardiomyopathy American Heart Association $165,000
Liu, Sicong; Co-PI(s): Tenenbaum, Gershon Ironic Or Overcompensating Error In Golf Putting: Testing Attention Imbalance And Its Implementation Association for Applied Sport Psychology $2,700
Meir, Gily; Co-PI(s): Chow, Graig Supervision Of Applied Sports Psychology In Graduate Programs Across The USA Association for Applied Sport Psychology $1,945
Edrington, Chris RTDS Instantiation of an Electrolyzer/Fuel Cell Based Power Electronics-based Distribution System Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC $50,000
Stanwood, Gregg Dopamine D2 Receptors Modulate Interneuron Development and Neuropshychiatric Behaviors Brain & Behavior Research Foundation $99,999
Boyle, Helen Education Crisis Response Project for Northern Nigeria Creative Associates International, Inc. $50,000
Shute, Valerie Preparing for the Digital Game-Based Learning and STEM Success Study Educational Testing Service $4,350
Uejio, Christopher Indoor Environment and Emergency Response Health Outcomes Environmental Protection Agency $183,258
Brown, Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): Stevens, Lindsay Best Practice Approaches to Transit Service Evaluation Florida Department of Transportation $45,514
Jia, Minna External Customer Satisfaction Surveys: 2015 Construction Zone Survey Florida Department of Transportation $68,200
Wekezer, Jerzy; Co-PI(s): Jung, Sungmoon Crashworthiness Evaluation of Paratransit Buses Florida Department of Transportation $250,000
Bujak, David Mass Communication Issue 20 Florida Dept of Ed - FEM $80,000
Ferguson, Michael Mathematical Online Course Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $69,064
Dayhoff, Danny Retrofit Exterior Turnbull Conference Center Florida Division of Emergency Management $710,047
Miller, Natali; Co-PI(s): Winn, Alice Population Viability for Three Populations of the Threatened Florida Endemic, Euphorbia Telephioides Florida Native Plant Society $1,500
Lavenia, Mark Florida Taxwatch Principal Leadership Initiative: Identifying Highest-Performing Principals Who Serve High-Proportions of At-Risk Students Florida Taxwatch $7,800
Raney, Arthur Your Daily Dose of Inspiration: Exploring How People Use and are Impacted by Media Content that Elicits Self-Transcendent Emotions John Templeton Foundation $1,955,894
Osteen, Laura PeaceJam Leon County School Board $600
DeGiorgi, Andrea Sustainability Ante Litieram? The Bath Complex at Cosa LOEB Classical Library Foundation $35,000
Delp, Michael Effects of Spaceflight on Ocular Oxidative and the Blood Retinal Barrier National Aeronautics & Space Administration $15,000
Van Sciver, Steven Repeatability Measurements Of MLI Apparent Thermal Conductivity For Different Boundary Temperatures National Aeronautics & Space Administration $99,694
Tang, Hengli Dissecting Dengue Virus Permissiveness Using a Stem Cell Differentiation System National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease $183,910
Fadool, Debra; Co-PI(s): Meredith, Michael CHEMOSENSORY TRAINING PROGRAM National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders $230,862
Xu, Xiaobiao; Co-PI(s): Chassignet, Eric Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 3D Structure in Climate Models National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association $102,199
Underwood, Nora; Co-PI(s): Inouye, Brian Collaborative Research: Measuring And Modeling The Ecological Consequences Of Associational Effects National Science Foundation $569,999
Wang, Zhi CAREER: Towards Trustworthy Operating Systems National Science Foundation $75,610
Ormsbee, Michael; Co-PI(s): Bach, Christopher The Effects Of Cold Ambient Temperatures On Substrate National Strength and Conditioning Association $15,000
Lewis, Sandra National Leadership Consortium In Sensory Disabilities Salus University $6,614
Kim, Jeong-Su; Co-PI(s): Ardanuy Johnson, Sarah; Arjmandi, Bahram Effects Of MindWorks Supplementation On Cognitive Function, Motor Skills And Balance In Middle-Aged And Older Individuals Shaklee Corporation $102,539
Sumners, De Witt Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Mathematics, Biology and Physics Simons Foundation $35,000
Valvo, Jennifer; Co-PI(s): Hughes, Kimberly Female Behavior as a Driver for Male Polymorphism in the Trinidad Guppy Society for the Study of Evolution $2,200
Lewis, Sandra; Co-PI(s): Damelio, Albert; Ivy, Sarah Improving the Preparation of Professionals Serving Students with Visual Impairments, Including Those Who Have Additional Disabilities U. S. Department of Education $250,000
Duval, Emily RCN: Enabling Comparative Studies of the Process and Products of Sexual Selection in a Genomic Context University of Florida $32,430
Ordonez, Juan; Co-PI(s): Li, Hui Educational Modules In Support Of Sustainable Energy Courses University of Florida $40,000
Dewar, William; Co-PI(s): Deremble, Bruno; Wienders, Nicolas Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment II (CARTHE II) University of Miami $150,155
Kavka, Martin A Jewish Bacchanalian Revel: The Place of G.W.F. Hegel in Jewish Philosophy University of Pennsylvania $47,000
Ho, Shuyuan A Sociotechnical Appproach To Lawful Interception And Computational Assessment Of Information Behavior To Protect Against Insider Threat University of South Florida $19,500