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FSU Research Awards Report: May, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsorAmount
Alabugin, Igor Combining Stereoelectronics, Traceless Directing Groups and Dynamic Covalent Chemistry for the Design of Alkyne Cascades: Towards Carbon-Rich Molecules and Materials National Science Foundation $480,000
Annino, Paul; Co-PI(s): Miller, Catherine Children's Legal Service 2015-2016 Florida Bar Foundation $107,008
Boot, Walter; Co-PI(s): Charness, Neil Flashing Right Turn Signal Head with Pedestrian Indication: Human Factors Studies to Understand the Potential of a New Signal to Increase Awareness of an Attention to Crossing Pedestrians Florida Department of Transportation $52,505
Chanton, Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): MacDonald, Ian Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG-2) University of Georgia $326,600
Chapin, Timothy; Co-PI(s): Stevens, Lindsay Envisioning Florida's Future: Transportation And Land Use In An Automated Vehicle World Florida Department of Transportation $175,000
Cross, Timothy; Co-PI(s): Zhou, Huan-Xiang Membrane Protein Structures and Interactions in the M. Tuberculosis Divisome National Institute of Allergy $764,361
De Prince, Albert A Reduced-Density-Matrix-Based Description of Actinide Chemistry Oak Ridge Associated University $5,000
Grant, Samuel Dysfunction Of Sodium Homeostasis In A Rat Migraine Model Huntington Medical Research Institutes $27,102
Green, Benjamin Certified Public Manager Courses for Leon County Clerk of Courts Leon County $80,640
Hodge, Stephen Image Acquisition and Processing Florida Department of Transportation $89,033
Hu, Shouping Pathway to Completion Initiatives at State Colleges In Florida Florida College System Foundation $7,200
Kelling, Kimberly PBS Summer Learning Grants Public Broadcasting Service $3,500
Kim, Jeong-Su; Co-PI(s): Myers, Christopher; Panton, Lynn The Effects of Acute and Repeated Long Duration O2 Exposure on Skeletal Muscle Performance and Oxidative Stress in Navy Divers Office of Naval Research $7,632
Knight, Gary Integrated Gopher Tortoise Surveys and Population Evaluation on Southeastern DOD Installations U. S. Fish and Wild Life Services $156,246
Larbalestier, David; Co-PI(s): Tarantini, Chiara Characterization of Nb3sn-Based Superconductors for the High Luminosity Large Hardron (HI-Lhc) Project and the Future Circular Collider (Fcc) European Organization for Nuclear Research $184,001
Li, Hui 60kW DC-AC Inverter with Internal Isolation using GaN Devices Princeton Power Systems $25,000
Li, Hui Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NGPEMII) - Power America North Carolina State University $400,000
Mears, Daniel; Co-PI(s): Siennick, Sonja Developing Knowledge About What Works to Make Schools Safe School Board of Palm Beach County $980,834
O'Shea, Joseph Florida/ Georgia Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (Fglsamp) Florida A&M University $10,000
Patrangenaru, Victor Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of Spatial Scenes from Digital Camera Images and from Medical Stereo Images National Security Agency $36,885
Ray, Peter Evaluation of Fog Predictions and Detection, Phase 2 Florida Department of Transportation $150,284
Razzouk, Rabieh CPALMS: Osceola Math and Science Partnership Osceola County School Board $24,000
Razzouk, Rabieh; Co-PI(s): Everett, Meghan Resource Review - FDDC for CPALMS Florida Developmental Disabilities Council $2,940
Shatruk, Mykhailo Investigation Of Strongly Correlated Itinerant Magnets and Potential Quantum Spin Liquids National Science Foundation $410,000
Smith, John Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Summer Institute Support Naval Surface Warfare Center $82,000
Stagg, Scott Regulatory Mechanisms That Control Vesicle Secretion at the Endoplasmic Reticulum University of Wisconsin $39,716
Steurer, Michael; Co-PI(s): Graber, Lukas S-Parameter Based Framework For Analysis Of Common Mode Couplings Between MVDC Power Apparatus Office of Naval Research $347,000
Stroupe, Margaret Quality Control in Ribosome Assembly - The Function of Regulatory Proteins Scripps Research Institute $19,891
Talwar, Brendan; Co-PI(s): Grubbs, Ralph Comparative Stress Physiology and Post-Release Survivorship of Deep Sea Sharks Sigma Xi $1,000
Uejio, Christopher Indoor Environment and Emergency Response Health Outcomes Environmental Protection Agency $500,000
Uejio, Christopher Occupational Heat Exposure and iButtons Pilot Study Florida Department of Health $10,000
Wang, Yuan Development and Afferent Regulation of Auditory Neurons National Institute on Deafness $376,200
Yancey, Kathleen The Transfer of Transfer Project Nat'l Council of Teachers of English $10,000

This spreadsheet includes awards granted during the current one-month period. It does not include funds for salary support.