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FSU Research Awards Report: October, 2015

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Barrett, Anne; Co-PI: Reynolds, John Comprehensive Older Driver Program Florida Department of Transportation $55,000
Bienkiewicz, Ewa A Novel Therapeutic Peptide for Treating Stroke Virtici $128,297
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne District Instructional Leadership And Faculty Development Grant Florida Department of Education - FEM $15,880
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne IDEA Part B K-12 Entitlement Florida Department of Education - FEM $338,240
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne Title II Teacher And Principal Training And Recruiting Fund Florida Department of Education - FEM $32,753
Chassignet, Eric; Co-PI: Bozec, Alexandra; Dukhovskoy, Dmitry; Morey, Steven; Xu, Xiaobiao Arctic Shelf and Large Rivers Seamless Nesting in Global HYCOM Office of Naval Research $150,000
Chassignet, Eric; Co-PI: McDonald, Edward A Data Serving Platform for HYCOM Ocean Prediction System Outputs in Support of Earth System Prediction Capabilities Office of Naval Research $78,932
Chen, Gang; Co-PI: Tawfiq, Kamal Multifunctional Energy- And Space-Saving Reactor For The Treatment Of Landfill Leachate. Year lI. Incorporation Of Electrocoagulation University of Florida $45,619
Dewar, William; Co-PI: Deremble, Bruno; Wienders, Nicolas Low Frequency Intrinsic Variability in the Eddying Ocean National Science Foundation $504,094
Edrington, Chris Design and Analysis of a Non-Rare-Earth Linear Machine for ICE Valve Control SentiMetal Journey $80,000
Ferguson, Michael Personnel Development Support Project (PDSP) Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,500,000
Fuentes, Mariana Reproductive Output of Loggerhead Turtles in Alabama: Implications from Nest Relocation Alabama Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries $20,000
Gilbert, David Understanding Mechanisms of HESC Self-renewal and Cell Fate Commitment University of Georgia $30,000
Gleason, Philip Wave Sculpture Karen Robertson $2,874
Graham, Mimi Making Proud Choices and PREP Appalachian State University $22,500
Green, Benjamin CPM Contract Valencia College 2015-2017 Valencia Community College $52,500
Hanson, Kenneth Meyer Symposium Various DFPO $5,000
Hook, Karl Fra Vocabulary Pairs WestEd $5,415
Horton, Jeffrey National Transit Database -- Rural Transit System Data Florida Department of Transportation $42,963
Horton, Jeffrey Preventative Maintenance Planning, Training and Technical Assistance Florida Department of Transportation $515,562
Jones, Robert MPOAC Strategic Directions Florida Department of Transportation $79,048
Kelling, Kimberly FY 16 TV Community Service Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $407,447
Knight, Gary Northwest Florida Water Management District and Florida Natural Areas Inventory proposal for fall monitoring of four mitigation sites in the Florida Panhandle Northwest Florida Water Management District $21,988
Krishnamurti, Tiruvalam March of Buoyancy Elements in Extreme Rain Events - (Student: Jonathan Bielli) National Aeronautics & Space Administration $30,000
Liseno, Lisa Impact Of Training On Instructor Attitudes Towards Clicker Technology Professional and Organizational Development $1,929
Lu, Jun Measurement of Superconducting Wire AC Losses Oxford Instruments Superconductivity Ltd $27,001
Lu, Jun; Co-PI: Jiang, Jianyi; Trociewitz, Ulf Improved Insulation Coatings For Bi2212 Round Wire nGimat Company $49,500
Ma, Teng Development OF Efficient And Scalable Bioreactor-Based Production Of Humanmesenchymal Stem Cell (Hmsc) 3d Aggregates Using Microparticles RoosterBio, Inc. $31,406
Osteen, Laura PeaceJam-Fairview Leon County School Board $1,000
Pamidi, Sastry Corc Cryo Cables Phase 2 Advanced Conductor Technologies $105,000
Petscher, Yaacov Development Of A Scaffolding, Adaptive International Literacy Project Eyeread $35,434
Price, Jennifer Asian Art Initiative at the Ringling Sarasota County Arts Council T $95,756
Ralston, Penny Tallahassee Childhood Obesity Prevention Education (COPE) Coalition Florida A&M University $17,000
Razzouk, Rabieh FCR-STEM Conference 2015 Various DFPO $1,752
Spainhour, Lisa Electronic License And Vehicle Information System (E.L.V.I.S.) Florida Department of Transportation $643,943
Spainhour, Lisa Tracs Support and Enhancement Florida Department of Transportation $680,000
Speer, Kevin; Co-PI: Hancock, Cathrine A Lagrangian Study of the Deep Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico: Subcontract for RAFOS Float Processing Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute $10,402
Spencer, Robert Vulnerability of Inland Waters and the Aquatic Carbon Cycle to Changing Permafrost and Climate Across Boreal Northwestern North America National Aeronautics & Space Administration $51,386
Stagg, Scott Tools for High-Throughput High-Resolution Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy National Institute of General $287,759
Turanovic, Jillian Understanding Gender Racial And Ethnic Differences In The Relationship Between Prison Visitation And Recidivism Arizona State University $39,964
Yang, Wei AdoMet-dependent tRNA Methyl Transferases Thomas Jefferson University $25,000