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FSU Research Awards Report: April, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Cocke, Steven; Co-PI(s): Shin, Dong-Wook Development of a Prototype Risk Model 4D Solution Company $45,000
De Prince, Albert Southeastern Theoretical Chemistry Association Conference Various DFPO $1,500
Dennis, Jonathan Comprehensive Characterization of Nucleosome Dynamics During hESC Differentiation University of Georgia $45,000
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Emergency Support Function 8: Training Development (Phase 1) State of Florida $27,456
Galeano, Rebecca Learning Chinese, Farsi, and Portuguese in Atlanta National Security Agency $110,214
Goldfarb, Samantha Innovating and Integrating Child Welfare and Mental/Behavioral Health System of Care in Leon County Voices for Florida $25,000
Grzywacz, Joseph Power of Families Project - Evaluation Services Community Service Council $8,001
Hahn, Seung Yong 35T 35mm Multi-Width No-Insulation All-REBCO Magnet Korea Basic Science Institute $180,000
Harrington, Julie An Economic Valuation And Assessment Analysis Of The Pellicer Watershed State of Florida $7,500
Harrington, Julie Workforce Program Gap Analysis Study Association of Florida Colleges $58,992
Hodges, Beth Build Healthy Cummunities-Sponsorship of Collaborative Collisions 2016: Health Various DFPO $2,500
Hoeflich, Peter Imaging Polarimetry of Light Echoes around SN 2014J Space Telescope Science Institute $2,271
Huettel, Markus A Systems Approach To Improve Predictions Of Biodegradation And Ecosystem Recovery In Coastal Marine Sediments Impacted By Oil Spills Gulf of Mexico Alliance $318,991
Hurt, Myra; Co-PI(s): Beitsch, Leslie; Muszynski, Michael OneFlorida Cancer Control Network University of Florida $82,388
Joiner, Thomas; Co-PI(s): Ganley, Colleen; Keel, Pamela; Patrick, Christopher; Plant, Elizabeth Military Suicide Research Consortium: Extension to New Opportunities and Challenges Department of Defense $9,939,843
Kabbaj, Mohamed; Co-PI(s): Zhou, Yi Sex Differences in Ketamine Antidepressant Effects National Institutes of Health $471,200
Knight, Gary Pine Plantation State of Florida $150,000
Macatee, Richard; Co-PI(s): Cougle, Jesse; Schmidt, Norman Computerized Intervention for Distress Intolerance National Institutes of Health $38,585
Mookherjee, Mainak High-pressure and Temperature Elasticity and Equation of State of Hydrous Phase National Science Foundation $96,841
Muszynski, Michael Maximizing HPV Vaccination: Real-Time Reminders, Guidance and Recommendations University of Florida $16,442
Pamidi, Sastry; Co-PI(s): Graber, Lukas; Kim, Chul Basic Research on Cryogenic Dielectric and Thermal Aspects Pertinent to High Voltage High Temperature Superconducting Devices for Navy Applications Department of Defense $250,000
Razzouk, Rabieh Math And Science Partnership - Collier County Public Schools District School Board of Collier County $24,000
Rodgers, Ryan Emulsion JIP Baker Petrolite $50,000
Sanyal, Paromita BRLP Impact Evaluation: Qualitative Analysis Of Interview-Based Data Innovations for Poverty Action $57,273
Siegrist, Theo Chalcogenides Superconductors: Nonconventional Superconductivity In New Phases National Science Foundation $210,000
Spector, Alan Translational Analyses of Ingestive Behavior After Gastric Bypass National Institutes of Health $327,492
Stvilia, Besiki; Co-PI(s): Lee, Dong-Joon Towards Engaging Researchers In Research Identity Data Curation Institute of Museum and Libraries $43,410
Tang, Youneng; Co-PI(s): Chen, Gang; Mason, Olivia Optimizing Biological 1,4-dioxane Removal from a Landfill Leachate Geosyntec Consultants $108,001
Walters, Lori The Books of Christine de Pizan (1365 - ca.1431) National Endowment for the Humanities $50,400
Wang, Yang Collaborative Research: Reconstruction Of Paleo-Storm History Using Geochemical Proxies In Coastal Lake Sediments National Science Foundation $192,398
Ye, Ming Collaborative Research: Multimodel Bayesian Data-Worth Analysis for Aquifer Characterization and Contaminant Remediation National Science Foundation $271,601
Yin, Qian Dissecting Inflammasome Anatomy: Mechanistic Studies and Potential Intervention National Institutes of Health $248,999
Yu, Zhibin Development Of Fully-Printed And Eco-Friendly Light-Emitting Diodes Using Organometal Hybrid Halide Perovskite Emitters National Science Foundation $300,000
Zhu, Lei; Co-PI(s): Knappenberger, Kenneth Multi-State Organic Fluorophores National Science Foundation $435,000
Zierden, David Using Remote Sensing and Environmental Data to Quantify Social Vulnerabilities to Heat Stress and Strengthen Environmental Public Health Tracking and Heat Mitigation Efforts Health Research Incorporated $58,733