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FSU Research Awards Report: February, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAMETitleSponsor NameAmount
Alamo, Rufina Role Of Chain Structure And Melt Topology In Polymer Crystallization National Science Foundation $560,861
Baco-Taylor, Amy REPP - Connectivity-Pulley Ridge: Population of the Pulley Ridge South Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem University of Miami $65,839
Bennett, Shannon School-Based Intervention Using the Pax Good Behavior Game to Create a Productive, Happy, and Healthy Classroom Hermanowski Foundation $10,000
Bhide, Pradeep; Co-PI: Morgan, Thomas anoCellulose Hydrogel as a Novel Substrate for Eukaryotic Cell Growth Innovative Engineering $32,832
Boel-Studt, Shamra Group Care Quality Standards Pilot Program Planning Grant Florida Institute for Child Welfare $19,600
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne The Florida Best And Brightest Scholarship Program Florida Department of Education - FEM $33,025
Delp, Michael Effects Of Microgravity On Cerebral Arterial, Venous And Lymphatic Function: Implications For Elevated Intracranial Pressure National Aeronautics & Space Administration $15,000
Deng, Wu Min Intercellular Communication and Oocyte Polarity National Institute of General Medical Sciences $280,781
Finley, Amy Tobacco Resource & Information Network (TRAIN) - Web Support Services Nebraska Health and Human Services $19,839
Finley, Amy; Co-PI: Joshi, Aditya Instructional Design Services and Training Support Florida Department of Health $19,007
Fuentes, Mariana Evaluating the Behavioral Response of Sea Turtles to Faunaguard Turtle Module (Van Oord) Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors $209,348
Han, Ke Demagnetization Of Selected Permanent Magnet Materials Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, Inc. $50,000
Hightower, Patricia; Co-PI: Stewart, Eric Florida Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Statewide Assessment Study Florida Department of Juvenile $100,000
Huang, Wenrui Modeling the Combined Coastal and Inland Hazards from High-Impact Hypothetical Hurricanes University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill $22,564
Jain, Harsh Early Career Award for Dr. Harsh Jain for Spring 2015 Ohio State University $20,450
Jones, Robert Florida Motor Carrier System Plan Florida Department of Transportation $74,800
Kato, Yoichi Dissecting the Molecular Function of TGF-Beta Signaling in Ciliogenesis National Institute of General Medical Sciences $364,800
Kelling, Kimberly Federal Equipment Matching Florida Department of Education - SDE $33,394
Kelling, Kimberly PBS Summer Camp-Scratch Jr. Public Broadcasting Service $7,500
Lester, Sarah Sustainable Ocean Solutions through Rights-Based Management, Fisheries Certification, and Marine Protected Areas & Aquaculture Scope (yr 6) University of California, Santa Barbara $56,013
Liu, Guosheng Building Algorithm Components for GPM Snowfall Retrieval National Aeronautics & Space Administration $148,057
Lu, Jun Testing of Critical Current of Nb3sn Superconductor Fermi National Accelerator Lab $9,100
Meckes, David; Co-PI: Olcese, James Blood Exosomes and Neurodegenerative Disease Florida Department of Health $81,499
Nof, Doron Graduate Student Support for Scientific Research Cruise University of California, San Diego $9,898
Okoli, Okenwa STTR: Proof-Of-Concept Of Triboluminescent Sensor System For Quasi-Distributed Load Sensing On Wind Blades For Active Control Of Wind Turbines Nanotechnology Patronas Group Inc. $75,000
Olcese, James The Effect of Animal Assisted Therapy On Molecular and Behavioral Outcomes in the Rehabilitation Setting Tallahassee Memorial Health Care $11,121
Razzouk, Rabieh CPALMS and Student Tutorials Florida Department of Education - FEM $523,000
Razzouk, Rabieh Math And Science Partnership - St Lucie County Schools St. Lucie County School Board $24,000
Schoen, Robert Improvement of Elementary Fractions Instruction: RCT of Lesson Study with Fractions Resource Kit and Local Curriculum Mills College $223,859
Shih, Chiang; Co-PI: Gupta, Nikhil Mechanical Engineering Educational Programs Senior Capstone Design Projects University of Central Florida $2,000
Shin, Dong-Wook; Co-PI: Cocke, Steven Development of a Prototype of an Automated Management System for the KPOPS Quasi-real Time Climate Prediction Modeling System Korea Polar Research Institute $64,559
Song, Likai Function Of The HIV Membrane In Viral Infection National Institutes of Health $76,187
Terracciano, Antonio; Co-PIs: Baker, Suzanne; Glueckauf, Robert; Granville, Lisa; Katz, Paul; Wang, Yuxia Optimization of Powerful Tools for Caregivers of Dementia Patients Florida Department of Health $250,000
Terracciano, Antonio; Co-PI: Sutin, Angelina Personality Change as an Early Marker of Alzheimer's Disease National Institute on Aging $76,000
Wang, Zuoxin Dopamine Regulation of Social Attachment National Institute of Mental Health $359,035