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FSU Research Awards Report: July, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Alamo, Rufina SANS Studies Of the Topology and LLPs Kinetics of Structurally complex Polyolefin Melts using Deuterium Labeling Exxon Chemical Company $20,001
Balicas, Luis Inert Atmosphere Transfer And Stack Station For Building High-Mobility Field-Effect Transistors From Two-Dimensional Materials Office of Naval Research $142,660
Brown, Jeffrey Internship Program for 2016-2017 City of Tallahassee $9,600
Cordi, Thomas External Advisory Committee Registration Funds Various DFPO $4,606
Dennard, Harry Child Care Training Curriculum And Competency Exam Development And Maintenance Florida Department of Children and Families $979,988
Duval, Emily Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy Graduate Field Research Fellowship Program Tall Timbers Research Station $106,106
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Emergency Support Function 8: Training Development(Phase 2) Florida Department of Health $22,529
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Infection Control Practices - Training Development Phase 2 Florida Department of Health $64,899
Gunjan, Akash; Co-PI(s): Laywell, Eric Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Histone H3.3 Mutant Childhood Glioblastomas University of Florida $100,000
Holmes, Christopher Collaborative Research: Responses Of Atmospheric Oxidants And CO2 To Dramatic Changes In Arctic Sea Ice National Science Foundation $315,664
Hsiao, Yi Chi Eric; Co-PI(s): Hoeflich, Peter Collaborative Research: The Carnegie Supernovae Project - Pushing the Precision of Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological Standard Candles National Science Foundation $108,558
Hughes, John Support Production Of Guide For Implementing Evidence Based School Improvement Practices Overdeck Family Foundation $25,000
Hughes, John Self-Study Guide For Implementing Evidence Based Practices For School Turnaround/Improvement William T. Grant Foundation $25,000
Hurt, Myra; Co-PI(s): Muszynski, Michael Together: Transforming and Translating Discovery To Improve Health University of Florida $228,000
Knight, Gary Assessment of Listed & Rare Plant Species - T.A.# F .N.-015 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $209,500
Kumar, Rajan Experimental Characterization of a Tangent Ogive Cylinder body with Fins, Longitudinal Protuberances and a Chin Inlet in the FSU Polysonic Wind Tunnel Air Force Research Laboratory $249,944
Lawhon, Mary Heterogeneous Infrastructures of Cities in Uganda Project: Urban Infrastructure Challenges Of The South With Focus On Urban Waste And Sanitation Makerere University $61,918
Lewis, Sandra Subcontract: National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities Salus University $175,673
Nistor, Adrian SHF: Small: RUI: Characterizing, Detecting, And Fixing Performance Bugs That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes National Science Foundation $217,415
Niu, Xufeng Evaluate and Refine the Florida ADP's iBudget Algorithm FL Agency for Persons w/ Disabilities $12,000
Owens, Jeremy Analyzation Of Organic-Rich Shales, Rock Samples University of Tulsa $7,500
Palladino-Craig, Allys General Program Support 2016-17 Florida Department of State $27,696
Razzouk, Rabieh Math and Science Partnership - Manatee County Schools Manatee County School Board $26,400
Razzouk, Rabieh CPALMS: Osceola Math and Science Partnership Osceola County School Board $24,000
Razzouk, Rabieh CPALMS - Civics Student Tutorials University of Central Florida $12,000
Srivastava, Anuj Geometrical and Statistical Modeling of Space-Time symmetries for Human Action Analysis and Retraining National Science Foundation $216,883
Stefanova, Lydia Developing Weather and Climate-Based Environmental Indices for a Common Framework to Model Survival, Reproductive and Movement Rates of Sea Turtles, Gulf Sturgeon and Manatees in the Northern Gulf of Mexico U. S. Geological Survey $10,000
Stefanovic, Branko Development Of Biosensor For High Throughput Phenotypic Screening of Antifibrotic Compounds Thrivant $53,200
Stroupe, Margaret Quality Control in Ribosome Assembly - The Function of Regulatory Proteins Scripps Research Institute $67,021
Tang, Hengli Testing the Myridine molecule for anti-SIKV activity in laboratory mouse models. MyMD Pharmaceuticals $22,800
Taylor, Kenneth; Co-PI(s): Stagg, Scott The Southeastern Consortium For Microscopy Of MacroMolecular Machines National Institute of General $922,279
Uejio, Christopher Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Center for Disease Control and Prevention $31,594
Vogel, Margaret; Co-PI(s): Miller, Thomas The Influence of Abiotic Stress on the Diversity and Composition of Seagrass-Associated Microbial Communities University of Florida $2,000
Wang, Hui PEPI: Big Data Analytics For Cost-Effective Load Control In Wind Farm Based On Distributed ITOFPress Sensors Georgia Institute of Technology $6,000
Wang, Yanchang Investigate the Molecular Mechanism That Ensures Chromosome Bipolar Attachment National Institute of General $248,774
Williams, Patrice; Co-PI(s): Coutts, Christopher Healthy Policy Research Scholars Cohort One-2016 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $120,000