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FSU Research Awards Report: June, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Lin, Shangchao Mesoscopic Simulations of Anisotropic Ion Transport in Charged Block Copolymers: Phase Diagram, Ion Diffusion Pathway, and Electric-Field Effect American Chemical Society $110,000
Lucier-Greer, Mallory Enhancing Leader Development through Relationships: Applying the Relationships Motivation Theory to Identify Cadet Training Opportunities American Psychological Association $5,000
Bird, Matthew; Co-PI(s): Chow, Graig Using the Health Belief Model to Investigate the Mental Health Help=Seeking Experiences of Student-Athletes: A Nixed Methodological Approach. Association for Applied Sport Psychology $656
Kumar, Rajan; Co-PI(s): Taira, Kunihiko Twenty Years Modern AFC, What Next? Boeing Company $3,000
Coleman, Eric An Impact Assessment of Stakeholder Engagement Interventions in Ugandan Oil Extractives Business-Community Synergies $58,036
Schoder, Karl; Co-PI(s): Steurer, Michael Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Microgrid Controls Charge Bliss $186,968
Kofler, Michael Evaluating the Feasibility of RESCUE: An Adjunctive HAI-Based Intervention for Veterans with PTSD Charleston Research Institute $4,560
Starke, Tadarrayl CARE-CHSP Program City Of Tallahassee City of Tallahassee $29,234
Pamidi, Sastry Support Energy to Power Solutions (E2P) on Navy Phase I STTR Proposal on Topic No. N15A-T016 Option I Energy to Power Solutions $25,000
Annino, Paul; Co-PI(s): Miller, Catherine Children's Medical Services Advocacy: Protecting Chronic And Seriously Ill Children From Losing Health Services Florida Bar Foundation $11,000
Dennard, Harry FDOE - OEL VPK Online Course Development/Updates State of Florida $322,100
Saunders, Charles; Co-PI(s): Beitsch, Leslie; Brownstein, Naomi; Geletko, Karen Analysis of Alternative Tobacco Products Use by the Youth Population of Florida State of Florida $20,000
Boel-Studt, Shamra A Pilot Test and Initial Validation of a Quality Rating Scale for Florida's Residential Group Homes State of Florida $60,000
Flynn, Heather; Co-PI(s): Boel-Studt, Shamra Enhancing Parental Behavioral Health Services Integration in Child Welfare State of Florida $99,086
Daniel, Ella-Mae; Co-PI(s): Jakubowski, Elizabeth; Rice, Diana; Underwood, Phyllis Gadsden County School District & Florida State University Advancement of STEM Teaching (GFAST) Gadsden County School System $75,000
Zorio, Diego; Co-PI(s): Wang, Yuan - Genentech Inc. $100,000
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Solid State NMR Structural Analysis Of Oligomeric Alzheimer's Beta-Amyloid Georgia Institute of Technology $57,786
Noel, Bianca; Co-PI(s): Grubbs, Ralph Physiological Ecology of Smalltooth Sawfish (Pristis Pectinata) In Florida Waters Gumbo Limbo Nature Center $2,500
Hu, Shouping; Co-PI(s): Bertrand Jones, Tamara; Park, Toby; Tandberg, David Evaluation Of Florida's Developmental Education Redesign Institute of Education Sciences $836,222
Alabugin, Igor; Co-PI(s): Dos Passos Gomes, Gabriel Stereoelectronic Control of Chemical Reactivity International Business Machine $10,000
Liang, Zhiyong Scale-up Study And Demonstration Of Scale-Up Highly Aligned And High Concentration CNT Reinforced Composites For Aerospace Applications Kai, LLC $75,000
Razzouk, Rabieh ExcELs N. East Florida Educational Consortium $27,350
Fuentes, Mariana Understanding the Spatial Ecology of Marine Turtles to Inform Marine Spatial Planning in Bimini National Geographic Society $19,223
Zhu, Fanxiu; Co-PI(s): Li, Hong Subversion of cGAS DNA Sensing by KSHV: Roles of ORF52/KicGAS National Institutes of Health $334,144
Thiebaud, Nicolas; Co-PI(s): Fadool, Debra Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Signaling in the Olfactory System National Institutes of Health $141,600
Gilbert, David; Co-PI(s): Vera, Daniel cis-Acting Elements Regulating Developmental Control of Replication Timing National Institutes of Health $354,708
Zinszer, Michael Preserving Our Underwater Pastures (PUP): Researching Human Impact On Local Historic Artificial Reef Structures National Oceanic and Atmospher $98,533
Andrei, Petru; Co-PI(s): Zheng, Jianping Energy Storage Devices Based On Lithium-Air Flow Systems For Electric Grid Applications National Science Foundation $297,299
Deng, Wu Min Tissue Homeostasis Through Cell Competition And Compensation National Science Foundation $630,000
Haiduc, Sonia Student Travel Support for the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2016) National Science Foundation $10,000
Mason, Olivia Collaborative Research: Engineering Salt Marsh Restoration to Maximize Denitrification - Elevation and Species Interactions National Science Foundation $90,465
Van Hoeij, Mark AF:Small: A-Hypergeometric Solutions Of Linear Differential Equations National Science Foundation $449,999
Zhu, Lingjiong Self-Exciting Point Processes And Their Applications National Science Foundation $100,057
Lawhon, Mary Heterogeneous Infrastructures of Cities in Uganda Project: Urban Infrastructure Challenges Of The South With Focus On Urban Waste And Sanitation New Sponsor $61,918
Flanagan, Mary; Co-PI(s): Kim, Amy Enhanced Mobility For Individuals Experiencing Homelessness: A Sport-Based Service Learning Project North American Society for Sport Management $2,000
Hironaka, Eriko Topology and Dynamics in Low Dimensions Simons Foundation $35,000
Hurdal, Monica Mathematical Models of Cortical Folding in Development, Aging, and Disease Simons Foundation $35,000
Kopriva, David Robust Spectral Element Methods for Conservation Laws Simons Foundation $35,001
Petersen, Kathleen Geometric Aspects of Number Theory and Representations of 3-Manifold Groups Simons Foundation $35,000
Kumar, Rajan; Co-PI(s): Alvi, Farrukh; Collins, Emmanuel Flow Control on a High Lift Airfoil Using High-Bandwidth Microactuators Spectral Energies, LLC $37,944
Lo, Jane Civics In The Middle Grades: Civic Engagement And Political Knowledge In A 7th Grade Civics Course Spencer Foundation $50,000
Johnson, Kurtis; Co-PI(s): Schlenoff, Joseph Ultra-Rad-Hard Particle Detection for Modern Colliders U. S. Department of Energy $150,000
Faruque, Md Omar STEP/FEEDR: Strategic Expansion to Achieve GEARED Goals University of Central Florida $4,476
Lo, Jane Florida Joint Center for Citizenship University of Central Florida $12,701
Muszynski, Michael Maximizing HPV Vaccination: Real-Time Reminders, Guidance, and Recommendations University of Florida $17,402
Vinson, Michelle Genomic Medicine Implementation: The personalized Medicine Program University of Florida $5,896
Liu, Xiuwen Toward Critical Infrastructure Resilience Against Cyber-Induced Attacks University of South Florida $41,165
Walsh, Robert Nitronic 50 Material Testing UT-Battelle LLC $45,072