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FSU Research Awards Report: May, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Baumeister, Roy Postdoctoral Fellowship Charles Koch Foundation $120,000
Becker, Betsy; Co-PI(s): Almond, Russell Proposal for Existing Item Pool Validation for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles State of Florida $20,939
Beerli, Peter ABI Innovation: Coalescence-Based Inference Of Adaption National Science Foundation $757,717
Bertram, Richard Analysis And Extension Of A Model For Oscillatory Islet Activity National Science Foundation $294,235
Brooke, Sandra; Co-PI(s): Coleman, Felicia Seagrass Abundance and Productivity in St. George Sound and Apalachee Bay, Florida / C15297 State of Florida $100,000
DeGiorgi, Andrea Archaeological Investigation of the Roman Baths Bryn Mawr College $9,000
Dennard, Harry Update and Improvement to University of Memphis $80,000
Fuentes, Mariana; Co-PI(s): Gredzens, Christian Assessing The Effects Of The Recreational Bay Scallop Fishery On Marine Turtles In The Big Bend Of Florida Sea Turtle Conservancy $24,887
Grubbs, Ralph Biology of Sawfishes: American Elasmobranch Symposium Save Our Seas Foundation $15,000
Grubbs, Ralph Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish Survey in the Vicinity of Naval Air Station Key West University of Florida $37,559
Harrington, Julie An Economic And Cost Valuation Of The Panama City Crayfish (PCC) In Bay County State of Florida $33,847
Hart, Robert; Co-PI(s): Fuelberg, Henry Collaborative Research On Improved Understanding & Prediction Of Warm-Season (Derecho) & Cold-Season (Mesoscale Snow Banding) High Impact Events National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association $149,280
Holmes, Christopher Satellite-Derived Rates for Global Atmospheric Photochemistry: Developing and Evaluating Datasets; Testing Chemistry-Climate Models National Aeronautics & Space Administration $67,966
Horton, Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): Thornton, LaDonna Florida Rural Transit Economic Impact and Service Delivery Study State of Florida $86,147
Kampmann, Raphael; Co-PI(s): Rambo-Roddenberry, Michelle Performance Evaluation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Concrete Under Aggressive Environments State of Florida $200,000
Knight, Gary Auburn Longleaf Pine The Longleaf Alliance $8,260
Krishnamurti, Tiruvalam Study Of In-Scale/Out-Of-Scale Energetics/Scale Interactions For The Understanding Of A Mechanism For The MJO Using Dynamo Data Sets National Science Foundation $280,921
Kumar, Rajan Wind Tunnel Balance Correction For Structural Motion Effects M4 Engineering $30,049
Kumar, Sanjay Isolation of Ictogenic Cells and Circuits Within the Parahippocampal Region National Institutes of Health $305,150
Langston, Ann; Co-PI(s): Ridgway, Jessica Target Case Study Target Stores $2,000
Lenhert, Steven High Throughput Lipophilic Drug Screening Microarrays National Institutes of Health $276,140
Lewis, Virginia Myth, Locality and Identity in Pindar's Sicilian Odes Harvard University $17,000
Lonigan, Christopher; Co-PI(s): Phillips, Beth; Schatschneider, Chris Generating Large and Sustained Impacts on Early Language Skills: Evaluation of Timing and Duration of Intervention U. S. Department of Education $796,183
Miller, Brian Enzyme Regulation by Intrinsic Dynamics National Institutes of Health $294,850
Mullins, David FY 17 FM Community Service Grant Public Radio Stations State of Florida $100,000
Muszynski, Michael; Co-PI(s): Hurt, Myra OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium University of Florida $605,080
Norrbin, Stefan; Co-PI(s): MacPherson, David An Addendum to Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Affordability Index State of Florida $70,455
Nowakowski, Alexandra Evaluation Services for the Florida Asthma Program 15-16 State of Florida $56,000
Oehme, Karen Florida Clearinghouse For Supervised Visitation State of Florida $140,000
Pati, Debdeep Collaborative Research: Scalable Bayesian Methods For Complex Data With Optimality Guarantees National Science Foundation $127,059
Pinto, Jose; Co-PI(s): Overton, James Modulators of Cardiomyopathic Diseases National Institutes of Health $373,606
Radey, Melissa Volunteer Florida Evaluation Volunteer Florida $40,000
Roehrig-Bice, Alysia Reading to Make a Difference Dollar General Literacy Foundation $3,000
Smith, John Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Summer Institute Support Department of Defense $90,000
Steinbock, Oliver Emerging Complexity And Hierarchical Order In Precipitation Reactions National Science Foundation $200,000
Strouse, Geoffrey SusChem: Understanding Microwave Interactions to Control Magnetic Nanocrystal Growth from a Single Source Precursor National Science Foundation $450,000
Taira, Kunihiko EAGER: Network Resilience Analysis of Complex Vortex Interactions National Science Foundation $101,330
Taira, Kunihiko Interaction of Active Flow Control and Global Instability Department of Defense $85,000
Travis, Joseph The Paradox of Coexistence: The Evolution of Ontogenetic Interactions National Science Foundation $996,888
Wahl, Horst Quarknet University of Notre Dame $6,500
Walsh, Robert 4 K CS Materials Characterization Major Tool & Machine $119,299
Walters, Lori The Female Creator: Christine de Pizan and her Books American Council of Learned Societies $70,000
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Quantitative, Mechanistic Studies of Biomolecular Recognition National Institutes of Health $199,229