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FSU Research Awards Report: October, 2016

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Name Amount
Albrecht-Schmitt, Thomas; Co-PI(s): Baumbach, Ryan; De Prince, Albert; Graf, David; Hanson, Kenneth; Knappenberger, Kenneth; Latturner, Susan; Tozer, Stanley Center For Actinide Science and Technology (CAST) U. S. Department of Energy $1,986,193
Augustyniak, Rebecca; Co-PI(s): Finley, Amy Recall Audit Checks - FDA Form 3177: WBT Development Florida Department of Agriculture $20,014
Barrett, Anne Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Florida Department of Transportation $229,000
Beitsch, Leslie; Co-PI(s): Bellamy, Gail; Carretta, Henry; Katz, Paul; Mitchell, Glenn; Munn, Jean; Niekus, Martijn; Smith, Michael; Terracciano, Antonio AHCA Long-Term Care Program Independent Assessment Florida Agency for Health Care Administration $479,893
Bourassa, Mark Further Refinements to Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer Surface Wind Measurements in Hurricanes Mississippi State University $102,985
Bourassa, Mark; Co-PI(s): Smith, Shawn Climate Variability in Ocean Surface Turbulent Fluxes Mississippi State University $84,482
Boyle, Helen Nigeria Education Crisis Response Creative Associates International, Inc. $45,946
Cai, Ming Climate Science Research and Analysis: Cloud Sensitivity Data Analysis and Research Science Systems and Applications $19,052
Carretta, Henry; Co-PI(s): Lacasse, Jeffrey; Niekus, Martijn; Schelbe, Lisa; Smith, Michael Evaluation of MEDS-AD 1115 Demonstration Waiver Florida Health Care Association $200,000
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI(s): Brink, Megan Carl D. Perkins, Career and Technical Education, Secondary Florida Department of Education - FEM $25,000
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI(s): Brink, Megan IDEA Part B, Entitlement 2016-2017 Florida Department of Education - FEM $348,667
De Prince, Albert Parallel Two-Electron Reduced Density Matrix-Based Electronic Structure Software For Highly Correlated Molecules And Materials Q-Chem $36,170
Everhart, Nancy; Co-PI(s): Anderson, Amelia; Woods, Juliann Students with ASD in the Academic Library: Coaching to Enhance Implementation of Librarian Professional Development Institute of Museum and Library Sciences $382,650
Ferguson, Michael Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR) Florida Department of Education - FEM $35,000
Ferguson, Michael Personnel Development Support Project 2016-2017 Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,500,000
Greene, Laura Center for Emergent Superconductivity (CES) Brookhaven National Laboratory Association $149,634
Grubbs, Ralph Determination of Movement Patterns and Reproductive Status of Adult Smalltooth Sawfish Mississippi State University $61,672
Huffenberger, Kevin Research Training with NASA Mission Science Data University of Central Florida $12,496
Jones, Robert Florida Civic Advance #2 Allegany Franciscan Ministries $15,000
Kelling, Kimberly Ready To Learn Community Collaboratives for Early Learning Media Corporation for Public Broadcast $100,000
Kelling, Kimberly Vroom Daniel Tiger Be My Neighbor Day Fred Rogers Company $15,000
Knight, Gary Gopher Tortoise Surveys and Population Evaluation Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida $99,999
Knight, Gary Assessment of Listed and Rare Plant Species, Spirit-of-the-Wild WMA Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $20,000
Knight, Gary NW Region Gopher Tortoise Surveys, Tate's Hell, Fitzhugh Carter Tract, and Wakulla WMAs Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $65,387
Knight, Gary Fall 2016 Vegetation Monitoring of Ward Creek West, Plum Creek at Homes Creek, Perdido Phase II, and Lafayette Creek Restoration Site Northwest Florida Water Manage $22,868
Lata, Matthew Florida State Opera Outreach Council on Culture & Arts $14,000
McAllister, Charn; Co-PI(s): Perrewe, Pamela Self-Regulation and the Enactment of Bullying Behaviors (E2) University of South Florida $12,000
Mendez, Joel; Co-PI(s): Brown, Jeffrey Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program Graduate Fellowship Federal Highway Administration $5,000
Misra, Vasubandhu Climate Model Data for Estimation of Future Rainfall Frequencies South Florida Water Management $50,000
Osteen, Laura Peacejam- Godby High School Leon County School Board $4,000
Osteen, Laura Youth Programs- Riley Elementary Leon County School Board $13,300
Palladino-Craig, Allys FY17 Cultural Tourist Marketing Grant Council on Culture & Arts $3,000
Palladino-Craig, Allys Public Programming for FY17 Council on Culture & Arts $15,000
Pamidi, Sastry Fault Current Limiting CORC Distribution Power Cables Advanced Conductor Technologies $25,000
Pamidi, Sastry Fully Encapsulating Dielectrics for Gaseous Helium Cooled CORC Superconducting Power Cables Advanced Conductor Technologies $25,000
Rambo-Roddenberry, Michelle Inspection and Monitoring of Fabrication and Construction for the West Halls River Road Bridge Replacement Florida Department of Transportation $445,178
Rowland, Steven; Co-PI(s): Rodgers, Ryan Analysis of Pyrolysis-Derived Bio-Oil Samples Haldor Topsoe $50,000
Russell, James Preventing Street Racing Through Legal Alternatives Florida Department of Transportation $70,000
Saunders, Charles; Co-PI(s): Beitsch, Leslie; Brownstein, Naomi; Geletko, Karen Analysis of Alternative Tobacco Product Use by the Youth Population of Florida Florida Department of Health $80,000
Smith, Shawn; Co-PI(s): Bourassa, Mark U.S. Research Vessel (SAMOS) Data Assembly Center and SCS Data Stewardship Mississippi State University $405,954
Smith, Shawn; Co-PI(s): Bourassa, Mark U.S.Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Assembly Center Mississippi State University $8,119
Spainhour, Lisa Electronic License and Vehicle Information System (ELVIS) Florida Department of Transportation $312,490
Spainhour, Lisa Traffic And Criminal Software (TraCS) Support Enhancement and Training Florida Department of Transportation $546,695
Steurer, Michael Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Fault Detection, Localization, and Isolation IAP Research $35,039
Wood, Brittany; Co-PI(s): Horner, Mark Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program Graduate Fellowship Federal Highway Administration $11,500
Woods, Juliann SIP Tuition Support 2016-17 Florida Department of Education - FEM $509,000
Yu, Weikuan File System Support for Burst Buffers on HPC Systems Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Security, LLC $125,000