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FSU Research Awards Report: September, 2016

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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Pamidi, Sastry Advanced AC Loss Measurements on MgB2 Racetrack Coil at 20 K Advanced Magnet Lab $75,000
Taira, Kunihiko Network-Based Feedback Control of Fluid Flows Air Force Office of Scientific Research $256,024
Babcock, Patricia; Co-PI(s): Flynn, Heather Big Bend Community Based Care Training Pilot Big Bend Community Based Care $131,450
Uejio, Christopher; Co-PI(s): Holmes, Tisha; Zierden, David Building Resilience Against Climate Effects: Enhancing Community Resilience By Implementing Health Adaptations Center for Disease Control and Prevention $213,713
Green, Benjamin City of Tallahassee Certified Public Mgr 2016-2018 City of Tallahassee $32,000
Song, Likai HIV-1 Clade C MPER (Membrane Proximal External Region) lmmunogens Eliciting 10E8-like Specificities Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $10,000
Song, Likai Targeting lmmunogenicity To The MPER Hinge And C-Helix For BNAb Elicitation Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $85,000
Oates, William Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction for High-Reynolds-Number Compressible Flow Florida A&M University $12,256
Harman, Jeffrey Florida Medicaid Family Planning Waiver Program Evaluation Florida Agency for Health Care Administration $441,816
Smith, John Efficacy Evaluation of Insecticidal Ovitraps For Control of Domestic Mosquito Vectors of Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Viruses Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services $73,996
Knight, Gary NC Mapping Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services $151,000
Schoen, Robert FCR-STEMLearn - Foundations for Success in STEM Florida Department of Education - FEM $1,500,000
Starke, Tadarrayl; Co-PI(s): Davis, Charlie College Reach-Out Program-CROP Florida Department of Education - SDE $124,077
Switzer, Beth FY 17 Florida Channel Closed Captioning Florida Department of Education - SDE $390,862
Mullins, David FY 17 FM Community Service Grant Public Radio Stations Florida Department of Education - SDE $100,000
Mullins, David FY 17 Public Television Stations Florida Department of Education - SDE $307,447
Mullins, David FY 17 Satellite Transponder Operations Florida Department of Education - SDE $800,000
Switzer, Beth FY17 Crossroads: Florida Channel Statewide Governmental and Cultural Affairs Programming Florida Department of Education - SDE $497,522
Ferguson, Michael Professional Development Certification Program/Florida School Leaders Website Support Florida Department of Education - SDE $16,800
Harrington, Julie An Economic Valuation and Assessment Analysis of the Pellicer Watershed (Phase II) Florida Department of Environmental Protection $30,826
Zinszer, Michael Joint Agency in-Water Strike (JAWS) Team Florida Department of Law Enfo $1,000,000
Brown, Jeffrey Best Practice Approaches to University Transit Service Agreements Florida Department of Transportation $45,712
Ray, Peter Evaluation of Fog Predictions and Detection Florida Department of Transportation $155,638
Horton, Jeffrey Florida TDM Ridematching & Commuter Data Project Florida Department of Transportation $45,558
Horton, Jeffrey National Transit Database - Florida Transit System Data Collection & Reporting Florida Department of Transportation $39,324
Knight, Gary Preparation of a Report Describing Percentage of Conservation Lands that are Publicly Accessible and Efforts to Increase Access as Required in 259.032 (9) (f) 4 F.S. Florida Dept Environ Protection $14,112
Knight, Gary Striped Newt Survey, Apalachicola WMA Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $31,992
Harrington, Julie An Economic Analysis Of The SHIP And SAIL Funds By County in Florida Florida Realtors $31,827
Price, Jennifer Improving Paintings Storage at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Institute of Museum and Libraries $120,650
Grzywacz, Joseph; Co-PI(s): Carlos, Fiorella; Gonzales Backen, Melinda The Health and Cultural Challenges of Male Latino/Hispanic Emancipated Migrant Farmworker Youth (EMY): A Pilot Study Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society $4,000
Osteen, Laura Youth Programs-Springwood Elementary Leon County School Board $11,700
Liu, Guosheng Cloudsat Guided Global Snowfall Estimation from Multiple Satellites National Aeronautics & Space A $45,435
Peterson, Carla; Co-PI(s): Burdick, Ansje MANCC Development Residencies for Two Dance Artists and Their Collaborators National Endowment for the Art $40,000
Lee, Choogon Regulation of Mammalian Cell Physiology By A Novel Synthetic Cicradian Clock National Institute of Neurolog $228,000
Li, Yan; Co-PI(s): Ma, Teng Heterotypic Cell-Cell Interactions In Hybrid Human Stem Cell Microtissues For Neural Differentiation National Institutes of Health $70,587
Hart, Robert; Co-PI(s): Fuelberg, Henry Collaborative Research On Improved Understanding & Prediction Of Warm-Season (Derecho) & Cold-Season (Mesoscale Snow Banding) High Impact Events National Oceanic and Atmospher $299,276
Cai, Ming Implementation of a Processes-Based Evaluation System for Tracing the Sources of Systematic Errors and their Evolution with Forecast Lead Time in the NCEP Global Forecast System National Oceanic and Atmospher $151,036
Collins, David A Study of Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Molecular Clouds and Stars National Science Foundation $100,544
Yuan, Xin; Co-PI(s): Andrews-Larson, Christine; Granger, Donna; Southerland, Sherry; Whalley, David A Study of the Curriculum Design for Integration of Middle School Mathematics and Computer Science National Science Foundation $1,113,591
Rokyta, Darin Collaborative Research: Dimensions US-BIOTA-Sao Paulo: Scales of Biodiversity-Integrated Studies of Snake Venom Evolution and Function Across Multiple Levels of Diversity National Science Foundation $842,938
Burmester, Michael V; Co-PI(s): Liu, Xiuwen; Whalley, David; Yang, Jie CYBERCORPS: Scholarship For Service At FSU National Science Foundation $545,127
Shute, Valerie; Co-PI(s): Almond, Russell; Ke, Fengfeng DIP: Game-based Assessment and Support of STEM-related Competencies National Science Foundation $1,066,257
Siegrist, Theo; Co-PI(s): Kovalev, Alexey; Smith, Julia; Suslov, Alexey MRI: Development of X-Ray Diffraction In High Magnetic Fields National Science Foundation $1,233,597
Zhang, Zhenghao NeTS:Small: Sparse Approximation of the Channel State Information For Wi-Fi Networks National Science Foundation $360,751
Ke, Fengfeng; Co-PI(s): Yuan, Xin NRT-IGE: Mixed Reality Integrated Teaching Training for STEM Graduate Teaching Assistants National Science Foundation $499,993
Arghandeh Jouneghani, Reza; Co-PI(s): Hou, Jinghui; Ozguven, Eren UHDNetCity: User-Centered Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Multi-Networked City Mobility National Science Foundation $233,123
Hill, Stephen Understanding Spin-Spin and Spin-Lattice Interactions in Molecular Nanomagnetism National Science Foundation $349,042
Steinbock, Oliver Vortex Dynamics And Suppression Of Chemical Turbulence In Autocatalytic Reaction-Diffusion Systems National Science Foundation $399,007
Faruque, Md Omar Intelligent Energy Controller Integrating On-Site Generation, Weather and Load Forecasting Nhu Energy $80,000
Steurer, Michael; Co-PI(s): Arghandeh Jouneghani, Reza; Edrington, Chris; Faruque, Md Omar; Schoder, Karl; Yu, Ming An Open-Source Distributed Control Platform For Hil-Based Testing And Demonstration Of Advanced Ship Power System Office of Naval Research $620,385
Misra, Vasubandhu Climate model data for estimation of future rainfall frequencies South Florida Water Management $9,000
Gomory, Tomi; Co-PI(s): Holland, Margaret; Jacobs, Kaitlyn Photo Voice Project The Beatitude Foundation, Inc. $2,510
McDougal, Julie; Co-PI(s): Graham, Mimi FSU Early Head Start - Gadsden U. S. Admin for Children and Families $854,234
Gunzburger, Max; Co-PI(s): Peterson, Janet Grid Generation, Coupling Strategies, and Spatially-Dependent Time Stepping for Ocean-tidal/Estuary Systems and Other ESM Components U. S. Department of Energy $297,387
Milligan, Jeffrey; Co-PI(s): Hanna, Randall FY16 Community College Administrator Program (CCAP) U. S. Department of State $830,000
Li, Hui Experimental Comparisons of SiC JFETs and SiC MOSFETs in a PEBB based Converter U. S. Department of the Navy $26,745
Mio, Washington The Role of Continuous Phenotypic Variation in Structural Defects of the Face University of California, San Francisco $47,478
Rassweiler, Andrew Analysis and publication of long-term Channel Islands National Park kelp forest monitoring data University of California, Santa Barbara $28,514
Rassweiler, Andrew Demonstrating an Effective Marine Biodiversity Observation Network in The Santa Barbara Channel University of California, Santa Barbara $52,772
Hsiao, Yi Chi Eric; Co-PI(s): Hoeflich, Peter Improving the precision of Type Ia supernovae for WFIRST University of Central Florida $24,176
Riccardi, Gregory; Co-PI(s): Mast, Austin IDigBio: Integrated Digitized Biocollections Phase II University of Florida $2,988,788
Grzywacz, Joseph Integrative Pathways to Health and Illness University of Wisconsin-Madision $35,905