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FSU Research Awards Report: February, 2017

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Name Amount
Faruque, Md Omar A Collaborative Industrial Assessment Center for Expanded Outreach Within the Southeast Georgia Institute of Technolog $10,000
Wang, Yuxia Adherence Intervention To Promote Optimal Use Of Insulin Pumps in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes University of Colorado $6,750
Zhu, Lei; Meisner, Quinton Advanced Electrolyte Additives for Lithium-Ion Batteries Argonne National Laboratory $40,000
Lemmon, Emily; Lemmon, Alan Anchored Phlyogenomics Project University of California, Riverside $53,998
Mattoussi, Hedi Biosensors Based on Nanoparticle Platforms Asahi Kasei Corporation $50,000
Li, Yan CAREER: Engineering Brain-region-specific Organoids Derived from Human Stem Cells National Science Foundation $501,345
Kumar, Rajan Characterization of Aerosonic Angle of Attack Vane at Transonic Speeds Aerosonic $25,525
Morton, Peter; Salters, Vincent Collaborative Research: Iron Incorporation into Biogenic Silica National Science Foundation $146,938
Strouse, Geoffrey CRADA: Fundamental Research with Supercritical CO2 Microwave U. S. Dept. of the Air Force $-
McQuerry, Meredith; Schofield, Sherryl Development of Novel Turnout Suit Pattern for Improved Mobility and Comfort LION Group $63,453
Ozguven, Eren; Dulebenets, Maxim; Moses, Ren Development of Safety Performance Functions for Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) Intersections Florida Department of Transportation $215,000
Saunders, Charles; Beitsch, Leslie Evaluations of Cancer Programs Florida Department of Health $128,000
Green, Benjamin FL Dept Agriculture Contract for CPM Courses 1-8 2016-2018 Florida Department of Agriculture $64,750
Wilkinson, Suzanne; Brink, Megan Florida's Best and Brightest Scholarship Program Florida Department of Education - SDE $40,901
Woods, Juliann Implementation of Family Guided Routine Based Intervention and Coaching for New Mexico's FIT FOCUS University of New Mexico $62,379
Stukel, Michael LTER: CCE-LTER Phase III: Ecological transitions in an Eastern Boundary Current Upwelling Ecosystem University of California, San Diego $41,538
Huffenberger, Kevin; Collins, David Modeling CMB Polarization Foregrounds and their Isotropy Violation National Aeronautics & Space Administration $156,861
Petscher, Yaacov National Comprehensive Center on Improving Literacy for Students with Disabilities University of Oregon $268,752
Bradley, Jonathan NCRN-MN: Improving the Interpretability and Usability of the American Community Survey Through Hierarchical Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Statistical Models University of Missouri-Columbia $18,495
Elsner, James NCRN-SN: SSCRN: Spatial Science Census Research Node University of Colorado $18,824
Knapp, Angela Nitrate Analysis of Florida State Waters Florida Department of Environmental Protection $3,853
Boyle, Helen; Milligan, Jeffrey Northern Education Initiative Plus Creative Associates International, Inc. $383,194
Osteen, Laura PeaceJam-GA Thomas University $8,500
Zedaker, James Physician Assistant Pipeline Program (PAPP) University of West Florida $250,000
Grzywacz, Joseph; Gonzales Backen, Melinda PISCA: Pesticide & Heat Stress Education For Latino Farm workers That is Culturally Appropriate University of Florida $329,655
McGinnis, Roger Senior Design Project Support General Atomics $30,000
Bustin, Amy; Muntendam, Antje; Sunderman, Gretchen Spanish-English Codeswitching between Pronouns and Verbs: An Experimental Approach Language Learning & Technology Journal $2,000
Cai, Ming STARSS-III: Climate Science Research and Analysis: Cloud Sensitivity Data Analysis and Research Science Systems and Applications $10,961
Personette, Michelle STEAM Laboratories Council on Culture & Arts $56,875