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FSU Research Awards Report: June, 2017

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Sponsor Amount
Corbett, Karen; Yang, Wei Simulation Study of Thioredoxin Ionization American Heart Association $53,688
Craft, Sarah; Pullen, Daniel - Archaeological Institute of America $5,500
Harrington, Julie An Economic Impact Analysis Of Eleven Blueprint Projects Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency $18,940
Augustyniak, Rebecca; Finley, Amy; Monroe, Blair Maintenance and Support Services for OTIS, TCFOR, Rover, and ICR Systems California Department of Health Services $875,786
Hipes, Daniel Task Assignment #2017-1 Coastal Technology Corporation $15,098
MacDill, Pamela NE Region Re-Professionalization Project Florida Department of Children and Families $140,100
MacDill, Pamela NW Region Reprofessionialization Florida Department of Children and Families $70,050
Hipes, Daniel Conservation Easement T.A. #605 Florida Department of Environmental Protection $54,135
Hipes, Daniel Preliminary Evaluations T.A. #604 Florida Department of Environmental Protection $48,960
Hipes, Daniel F.F. Measures T.A. #603 Florida Department of Environmental Protection $62,500
Hipes, Daniel F.F. Maps/Web Maintenance - T.A. #602 Florida Department of Environmental Protection $12,065
Hipes, Daniel Core - T.A. #601 Florida Department of Environmental Protection $229,456
Moses, Ren Civil Engineering Support For The Traffic Monitoring Program Florida Department of Transportation $19,568
Wetherby, Amy Communication/Autism Navigator 2016-2017 Florida Dept of Ed - SDE $1,353,292
Hendry, Jeffrey Institute of Government 17-18 Administrative Funding Florida Institute for Government $573,208
Grubbs, Ralph; Keller, Bryan Delineating Essential Fish Habitat For The Bonnethead Gumbo Limbo Nature Center $2,500
VanDyke, Stacey Nurse Anesthesia Traineeships Health Resources & Services Administration $21,102
Ganley, Colleen; Schatschneider, Chris; Schoen, Robert Examining Teacher Math Anxiety As A Malleable Factor Related To Student Outcomes Institute of Education Sciences $634,097
Shute, Valerie Exploring Adaptive Cognitive and Affective Learning Support for Next-Generation STEM Learning Games Institute of Education Sciences $360,957
Roehrig-Bice, Alysia; Bertrand Jones, Tamara; Turner, Jeannine Partners United for Research Pathways Oriented to Social Justice in Education Institute of Education Sciences $203,834
Blomberg, Thomas; Bales, William Leon County Jail Forecast Leon County Sheriff's Departme $9,581
Hajcak, Greg Threat-Related Negative Valence Systems, Child Victimization, And Anxiety Medical University of South Carolina $49,202
Harrington, Julie An Economic Impact Analysis Of Molina Healthcare In Florida Molina Healthcare $26,148
Xu, Chengying Material Processing and Electrical Property Characterization of Ceramic Materials in High Temperature National Aeronautics & Space Administration $3,499
Arjmandi, Bahram; Kim, Jeong-Su Dried Plums Prevent Inflammation and Improve Bone Health in Osteopenic Men National Inst of Food & Agriculture $470,000
Taylor, Kenneth; Stagg, Scott EM Studies on Muscle National Institute of General Medical Sciences $378,286
Short, Nicole; Schmidt, Norman Biobehavioral Mechanisms Underlying Improving Sleep To Reduce Risk For Substance Use Disorder National Institute on Drug Abuse $35,423
Speer, Kevin Collaborative Research: Initiation of the Antarctic Slope in West Antartica National Science Foundation $271,104
Ma, Biwu Multi-Excited-State Phosphorescent Molecules With Photoinduced Structural Changes National Science Foundation $363,682
Ma, Biwu Low Dimensional Organometal Halide Perovskites National Science Foundation $428,650
Southerland, Sherry; Granger, Donna; Jaber, Lama Ziad; Kisa, Zahid; Tekkumru Kisa, Miray Learning Through Collaborative Design: Professional Development to Foster Productive Epistemic Discourse in Science National Science Foundation $1,026,261
Wu, Zhaohua Spatiotemporal Inhomogeneity of Tropical Waves and Their Interactions National Science Foundation $540,812
Wang, Hui Collaborative Research: EAGER: Explore the Theoretical Framework of Engineering Knowledge Transfer in Cybermanufacturing Systems National Science Foundation $29,999
Haiduc, Sonia Student Travel Support for the 3rd International Workshop on Software Analytics (SWAN 2017) National Science Foundation $10,000
Zhao, Peixiang EAGER: Facilitating Graph Computation by Graph Sparsification National Science Foundation $200,000
Erickson, Gregory Collaborative Research: Faunal Composition, Provinciality and Paleobiolgy of a Late Cretaceous Arctic Vertebrate Assemblage Revealed Through Cross-Latitudinal Comparisons National Science Foundation $131,126
Yancey, Kathleen The Writing Passport Project: Extending the Teaching for Transfer College Writing Curriculum Into Nine Sites Nat'l Council of Teachers of English $9,975
Mookherjee, Mainak High-Pressure and Temperature Behavior of Plagioclase Feldspar Using Neutron Diffraction Oak Ridge Associated University $5,000
Blomberg, Thomas DUI Homicide Victim Response Demonstration Initiative Palm Beach County Board of Court $150,000
Wood, Laurie Archipelago of Justice: Law in France's Early Modern Empire Princeton University $59,532
Clayton, Jessica; Langston, Ann Target Case Study Target Stores $2,000
Stefanovic, Branko Adaption of Collagen Biosennor Techology to High throughout Phenotypic Drug Screening using Keloid Fibroblasts Thrivant $49,999
Lonigan, Christopher; Phillips, Beth; Schatschneider, Chris Identifying Effective Instructional Practices and Contexts for Spanish-Speaking English Learners in Florida's Universal Preschool Program U. S. Department of Education $419,260
Pamidi, Sastry; Larbalestier, David Cost-Effective Conductor, Cable, and Coils for High Field Rotating Electric Machines U. S. Department of Energy $378,742
Brown, Jeffrey; Crute, Jeremy FNST Planning Intern & Studio Program U. S. Forest Service $83,348
Butler, William The Co-Management of Cross-Boundary Fire Risk Transmission: Assessing Agency and Stakeholder Constraints and Enablers to Building Fire Resilience Capacity U. S. Forest Service $57,563
VanDyke, Stacey Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships United States Department of Health and Human Services $27,529
Muszynski, Michael; Hurt, Myra OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium University of Florida $610,289
Tang, Hengli Engineering a human brain organoid-based platform to study neurotropic viruses University of Pennsylvania $372,688
Compton, Donald; Petscher, Yaacov Teaching Together: A Multimedia School-Home Intervention for Young Children At Risk for Academic Difficulties University of Texas Health Science Cente $22,185
Lemmon, Emily; Lemmon, Alan ANCHORED III: Anchored Phylogenomics Project Various DNPO $9,979
Kelling, Kimberly The Vietnam War WETA Public Broadcasting $10,000