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FSU Research Awards Report: May, 2017

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Sponsor Amount
Wilber, Aaron; Taylor, Jeanette Parietal-Hippocampal Network in the Triple Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimers National Institute on Aging $249,000
Keel, Pamela; Eckel, Lisa Integrated Clinical Neuroscience Training For Translational Research National Institutes of Health $164,376
Dieseldorff, Karissa; Pinto, Jose Reversal of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Via Conditional Ablation of cardiac Myosin Light Chain Kinase National Heart Lung Blood Institute $35,421
Preston, Courtney; Southerland, Sherry; Tekkumru Kisa, Miray; Travis, Joseph Investigating Relationships between STEM Teacher Preparation, Instructional Quality, and Teacher Persistence National Science Foundation $1,399,709
Stiegman, Albert Renewable Energy To Fuels Through Plasma Catalytic Synthesis of Ammonia West Virginia University $90,000
Wetherby, Amy Professional Development Activities for Educators Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder University of South Florida $22,900
Woods, Juliann Increasing Social-Emotional Outcomes for Florida's Early Steps Infants/Toddlers:Institutions of Higher Education Supporting the Three Model Demonstration Sites to Implement the Demonstration Site Implementation Plan University of Florida $40,286
Perez-Felkner, Lara Subaward: FAMU-RISE Florida A&M University $15,000
Cattafesta, Louis Flow Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Natural and Perturbed Turbulent Separation Bubbles Air Force Office of Scientific Research $367,068
Alvi, Farrukh; Kumar, Rajan Dynamics Of Unsteady Flow Past Bluff Bodies With Lofted Bases Ohio State University $124,813
Fuentes, Mariana; Montero, Natalie The Effects Of Local Climate On Caretta Caretta Hatching Output Sea Turtle Conservancy $7,607
Fuentes, Mariana Spatial And Temporal Analysis Of Coastal Construction: Implications For Marine Turtle Nesting Grounds In Florida Sea Turtle Conservancy $3,287
Clarke, Allan Rainfall, Salinity and Interannual Flow in the Equatorial and Near-Equatorial Eastern Pacific National Aeronautics & Space Administration $102,199
Gunzburger, Max; D'Elia, Marta Support for a Workshop in Italy on Uncertainty Quantification Air Force Office of Scientific Research $22,000
Hay, Carter Standardizing Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) Evaluation Florida Department of Juvenile $27,450
Podgorski, David; Spencer, Robert Monitoring the Transport of Water-Soluble Petroleum Metabolites with Optical Sensors Minnesota Association of Resource Conser $82,291
Panton, Lynn; Artese, Ashley The Effect of Functional Impact Training American College of Sports Medicine $5,000
Young, Latika FY 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ITL National Institute for Standard $9,621
Chassignet, Eric Ocean Modeling and Prediction Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center $63,708
Kelling, Kimberly REEL SOUTH Season 2 Station Engagement Grant University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill $5,000
Hipes, Daniel NFWF Coastal Resilience NatureServe $20,630
Fuelberg, Henry Cumulus Electrification Study U. S. Dept. of the Air Force $124,322
Harman, Jeffrey MED180 - MMA (Managed Medical Assistance) University of Florida $146,599
Ferguson, Michael CSP Grant Tracking System - 2016-2017 Tallahassee Community College $65,000
Zhang, Mei I-Corps: Nanocarbon Foam National Science Foundation $50,000
Malinowski, Christopher; Coleman, Felicia Sources, Patterns, and Effects of Toxic Mercuray Bioaccumulation in Atlantic Goliath Grouper PADI Foundation $5,475
Cotton, Charles; Keller, Bryan Assessing The Role Of Magnetic-Based Navigation In The Bonnethead, Sphyrna Tiburo Save Our Seas Foundation $9,700
Brown, Jeffrey Internship Program for 2017-2018 Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency $9,600
Annino, Paul; Miller, Catherine 2017-18 Children's Legal Services Florida Bar Foundation $80,000
Oehme, Karen Florida Clearinghouse for Supervised Visitation Florida Department of Children and Families $140,000
Kim, Jeong-Su; Kim, Do Houn Anti-Diabetic and Ergogenic Effects of Vitamin D and Resistance Exercise Training in P62 Knockout Mice Jiwon $14,000
Lonigan, Christopher Examining Indicators for VPK Readiness Rates Florida Department of Education - SDE $55,000
Pelham, Banyon Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Summer Institute Support U. S. Department of the Navy $75,000
Hipes, Daniel Pilot for Provision of Data to Support Population of the FL DEP SOLARIS-CLEAR Database Florida Department of Environmental Protection $3,814
Muszynski, Michael Maximizing HPV Vaccination: Real-Time Reminders, Guidance, And Recommendations University of Florida $17,042