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FSU Research Awards Report: September, 2017

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Sponsor Amount
Arbeitman, Michelle Chromatin and Behavior National Institute of General $272,771.00
Cattafesta, Louis; Alvi, Farrukh; Kumar, Rajan A Volumetric Particle Image Accelerometer for Fluid Dynamic Applications Air Force Office of Scientific Research $373,656.00
Price, Jennifer Terra Cotta Restoration of Ca'd'Zan Florida Division of Historical Resources $500,000.00
Delp, Judy; Delp, Michael Interventions to Test Restoration of the Skeletal Circulations in Old Age National Institute on Aging $460,166.00
Arbeitman, Michelle Genes Underlying Reproductive Behavior And Physiology National Institute of General $296,669.00
Wetherby, Amy; Flynn, Heather; Slate, Elizabeth; Woods, Juliann Autism Adaptive Community-Based Treatment to Improve Outcomes Using Navigators (ACTION) Network National Institutes of Health $2,160,993.00
Hanline, Mary; Dennis, Lindsay; Whalon, Kelly Communication for Young Children to Enhance Learning (Project CYCEL) U. S. Department of Education $119,229.00
Duan, Zhenhai Utility-based Approach to Detecting Compromised Machines University of South Florida $28,897.00
Burmester, Michael V; Liu, Xiuwen; Yu, Ming Cybersecurity Workforce Education - CNAP Initiatives National Security Agency $289,027.00
Zheng, Jianping Development of Internal Hybrid Li-ion Battery and Li-ion Capacitor Cells and Energy Storage Modules for Military and Civilian Applications Office of Naval Research $241,985.00
Xu, Chengying Effect Of Pyrolysis Temperature On Electrical Properties And Conduction Mechanism Of Polymer-Derived Sic Ceramics U. S. Army Research Office $59,927.00
Brink, Megan; Wilkinson, Suzanne Carl D. Perkins, Career and Technical Education, Secondary Florida Dept of Education - FEM $6,251.00
Hay, Carter Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) Florida Department of Juvenile Justice $27,500.00
Pesta, George DJJ Evidence Based Sourcebook Validation Florida Department of Juvenile Justice $6,675.00
Smith, John FSU NW Florida Public Health Mosquito Surveillance Program Florida Department of Health $698,110.00
Kelling, Kimberly PBS Kids Playful Learning for Educators Module Public Broadcasting Service $10,000.00
Liu, Xiuwen; Burmester, Michael V Florida State University CyberSecurity Curricula Development National Security Agency $168,721.32
Steurer, Michael Feasibility Study for a Transformer Short Circuit Test at Higher Than 60 Hz Espey Mfg. & Electronics Corportation $50,504.00
Brooke, Sandra; Engleman, Abigail Restoring Coral Reef Ecosystem Function Using Innovative 3D Printing Technology University of Florida $2,000.00
Phillips, Beth Five Hour Emergent Literacy Course Florida Dept of Education - SDE $128,808.00
Hipes, Daniel Solaris-Clear Database Florida Department of Environmental Protection $48,244.00
Rankin, Yolanda EAGER and Cyberlearning: In-Game Social Interactions to Facilitate Language Learning National Science Foundation $259,436.00
Becker, Betsy; Paek, Insu Provide Services of Three Graduate Interns through completion of Tasks Associated with Large-Scale Assessment Programs 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Florida Dept of Education - SDE $104,500.00
Kelling, Kimberly Tell Them We Are Rising Firelight Media $15,000.00
McQuerry, Meredith Performance of State Wear Worn under a NFPA Protection Ensemble National Fire Protection Association $5,000.00
Razzouk, Rabieh CPALMS - Alliance for Arts Education Florida Alliance for Arts Education $4,800.00
Merrick, David RAPID: Collaborative Research: Unmanned Aerial System Datasets from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma National Science Foundation $11,740.00
Chow, Graig Student-Athlete's Stigma, Attitudes and Intentions Toward Seeking Online and Face-to-Face Counseling Association for Applied Sport Psychology $490.00