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Loaner Laptop Program for International Travel 

Travel anywhere with mobile devices involves risks, including the loss of the device or malicious hacking of the device. Loss of the device can mean the loss of data and can afford unauthorized individuals the opportunity to use the device to get access to your personal or professional accounts and information. In addition, a lost device that falls into the wrong hands can provide individuals a path into University systems. Hacking is a possibility in any location including home or the office, but is especially likely in places like airports and hotels when accessing unsecured networks.

The best practice for managing risks for these devices is to not take your own device with you and instead use a device from ORCP’s Loaner Laptop Program that has been prepared for your travel. The Program details and reservation request form links are provided below:

Loaner Laptop Program for International Travel

Loaner Laptop Program for International Travel - Reservation Request Form

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