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Data Management

Data Management is an effective strategy for ensuring that data will be usable, preserved, maintained and accessible throughout the life cycle of a research project and for future generations of scientific research. As a greater number of federal funding agencies implement public access mandates, it has become clear that universities must take an active role in ensuring that researchers make their data accessible. Additionally, the University recognizes the importance of systematically preserving and retaining research data. As such, the University has implemented a Research Data Management policy to ensure that principal investigators and researchers understand their responsibilities in maintaining, preserving and making public their research data. This policy establishes broad principles for research data management. These policies are intended to be supplemented by applicable policies established by funding agencies and other relevant University and departmental policies.

Research Data Management Policy (7A-26)


Data Management provides resources and information about data management planning, data storage, funding agency requirements, data curation tools, and options for sharing, licensing of publishing data sets.

Data Management Guide

DMPTool provides guidance and resources for your Data Management Plan. The goal is to provide a "flexible, online tool to help researchers create data management plans."

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