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Like Turnitin, iThenticate is an intellectual property verification tool that checks documents for originality in order to prevent plagiarism. While Turnitin is used primarily for reviewing student assignments, iThenticate is designed for more scholarly academic works. Students can utilize iThenticate for verifying the originality and correctly cited sources in graduate student theses and dissertations and faculty are able to use the tool to verify research proposals and other professional works. Many federal agencies, such as NSF and NIH, also use iThenticate to scan proposals.

After a document is submitted to iThenticate, a Similarity Report will be generated that indicates how much of the document matches other sources. Similarity Reports are restricted to the user; no one else at FSU can view the results.

Using iThenticate prior to submission of proposals or scholarly publications is optional but strongly encouraged.

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Accounts are restricted to FSU faculty, staff, and students. You must include an "" email address in the form below or your request will be denied.


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iThenticate Training Resources

Documentation and training materials are available on the iThenticate website.

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