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LAR Mission Statement

Laboratory Animal Resources is a department within the Office of Research. It serves the needs of all FSU researchers using research animals. It also assists the FSU Animal Care and Use Committee in overseeing that all animal use is performed in a humane fashion. The Laboratory Animal Resources Unit facilitates animal related research and teaching programs at Florida State University by:

  • Ensuring humane and appropriate animal care and use by providing for the research animals' daily care needs, providing proper veterinary care, and ensuring that the highest standards are met relating to animal care and animal health.
  • Providing services and resources needed by investigators to accomplish their animal research objectives; provides training in laboratory animal care and use to personnel, students and faculty and in conjunction with FSU Environmental Health and Safety, monitors the safety of investigators, technicians and all personnel with laboratory animal contact.
  • Maintaining and enhancing public understanding, education and support for Florida State University's research and teaching programs as well as for FSU's animal research programs.
  • Developing and maintaining programs and operating procedures to provide for an effective and efficient department, ensuring reliable financial support for operating and administration.

For more information or assistance, contact Laboratory Animal Resources at 644-4262.