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Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Toolkit

The Human Subjects Office has been working on the development of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Toolkit—implemented on April 20thThis coincides with the implementation of the new IRB module through the Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP)—scheduled to go live on June 21st. 

The Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of documents that will support compliance and contribute to transparency in the IRB review process.

Beginning on April 20th, all new protocols and continuing reviews (renewals) will require the submission of a protocol document that is part of the HRPP Toolkit. All protocol modifications (changes in protocol) will be presented with the option to either stay with the current application process, or submit using the protocol document that is part of the HRPP Toolkit. The HRPP Toolkit templates can be found by clicking on this link.

  • All submissions in the HSRS system that have been updated with the HRPP Toolkit templates will automatically be imported into RAMP IRB when the module goes live in June; therefore, investigators are encouraged to become familiar with and/or begin utilizing the protocol template as soon as possible.
  • Any submissions that have not been updated to the HRPP toolkit templates will not be imported into RAMP IRB.  Modifications or continuing reviews for these submissions will require a new submission in RAMP IRB using the HRPP toolkit templates.

To support the HRPP Toolkit launch, the Human Subjects Office conducted several protocol writing workshops.  If you were unable to attend, a session has been recorded and can be found by clicking this link

For questions specific to the HRPP Toolkit templates and/or RAMP, please email