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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The FAMU-FSU's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering explores a wide-range of applications, including advanced power systems, robotics, computational intelligence, superconductivity, wireless communications, special purpose architectures, and intelligent transportation systems. While the department's focus is not specific to marine or coastal areas, several members of the ECE Department are investigating research topics that contribute to FSU's Marine and Coastal Research. These topics include: modeling and synthesis of high-frequency side-scan sonar imagery of sea bottoms (Dr. Simon Y. Foo); the study of bioluminescence of dinoflagellates (Dr. Mark Weatherspoon); and, the design and development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Further information on the research interests of the ECE faculty members as well as information on degrees offered through the department are available through thedepartmental web page.


Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty
Simon Y Foo
Mark Weatherspoon