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A Novel Engineered Peptide for Treatment of Vascular Injury

Tech ID:
16-110 11-154
Principal Investigator:
Ewa Bienkiewicz
Licensing Manager:

This technology uses an engineered peptide (A-OR2) to bind/neutralize hemin, reducing its toxic effects in living cells. A-OR2 is a modified version of peptide OR2 that binds hemin and reduces cell death in vivo. The A-OR2 peptide was engineered to adopt a more stable, B-like-structure, potentially resulting in a higher efficacy to neutralize toxic effects of hemin.

This technology uses a modified version of the OR2 peptide to sequester/neutralize excess hemin and reduce the extent of injury. The OR2 peptide is a fragment of the prion protein that has been shown to be a part of the natural, protective response to stroke.

Our preliminary data demonstrate that the hemin binding affinity for A-OR2 is higher than that for OR2. In addition, A-OR2 peptide is structurally more stable and folds faster.

Overall, this technology employs a modified version of a peptide (OR2) that we have shown to reduce cytotoxic effects of excess hemin and alleviate vascular injury damage in a mouse model of hemorrhagic stroke.