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Defect Irrelevant Winding Technique for High Temperature Superconductor Magnet

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Seungyong Hahn
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  • Pending

Conventional high temperature superconductor (HTS) magnets have been constructed with a defect free and continuous piece of HTS wire, a primary cost driver for HTS magnets. To meet the length requirements of the HTS wire, multiple short pieces of HTS wires may be spliced by soldering. This approach creates multiple bumps in the hTS winding where the pieces are soldered together. These bumps prove unfavorable in the mechanical perspective for high field magnets.

To reduce the cost and to manufacture mechanically more robust HTS magnets, this invention proposes a technique to build an HTS magnet with HTS wires having multiple defects. It even allows discontinuity of wire within an NI HTS winding, which is effective in elimination of resistive splices beneficial from a mechanical perspective particularly for high field magnets.