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Device and Method for Concomitant Ejection and Suction of Perfusate

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Principal Investigator:
Sanjay Kumar
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CESOP is a microfluidic device that enables  focal application and clearance of drugs/compounds  (perfusate) to nuclei or regions within acute brain slices submerged in artificial cerebrospinal  fluid or other bathing media under non-laminar/ turbulent now conditions. The CESOP technique has distinct advantages over either bath perfusion or local perfusion which prove cumbersome and/or inadequate for studying how drug application to one region or the brain affects a neighboring (juxtaposed) region.  The CESOP device/method enables rapid  focal application of drugs/compounds while restricting their "spillover" to neighboring regions. Turbulent/non-laminar flow conditions that manifest in slice recording chambers exacerbate spillover thereby hindering/disrupting electrophysiological recordings and the study of region-specific drug effects. The CESOP device/method solves this problem through concomitant ejection and suction or perfusate, even under moderately turbulent conditions.