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Gloves as Programmable and Wearable Carbon Nanomaterial Thin Film Enabled Sensor/Sensor System for Man-Machine Interaction and Body Monitoring

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Dr. Liu
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Carbon nanomaterial thin film is integrated in rubber gloves to create a wearable glove sensor/sensor system for man-machine interaction applications.

In contrast to the conventional man-machine interaction systems, e.g. keyboard and camera, which require occupied hand or fixed space to input commands, the present invention gives orders simply based on a finger or body movement without touching anything.

Design of the elastomer-like materials leads to wearable sensor:sensor systems that can be worn on any part of the human body for health monitoring and motion capturing.

The immediate application is man-machine interaction, e.g., communication with computing devices to make phone calls, write emails, play games, adjust music volume without holding or touching anything; Remote control of robots working under extreme environments such as bomb disposal and deep sea exploration. Another potential application is body monitoring, e.g., rehabilitation progress monitoring of a patient such as wound healing, breath condition, and heart detect; Monitoring of an athlete's fatigue during training to reduce injuries and boost performance; Motion capturing to make 3D movies and games.

Video demos of a prototype glove sensor and its application for man-machine interaction are available upon request.