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High Throughput Optical Quality Control of Phospholipid Multi-Layer Fabrication

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Dr. Lenhert
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The present invention describes a way to optically determine the height of fluorescent phospholipid multi-layers by measuring the intensity of emitted radiation using an inverted microscope and image analysis software. Fluorescent phospholipid multi-layers are an essential part of the cell structure, however, in order to characterize the height of these lipid structures atomic force microscopy (AFM) is generally performed, which is a time consuming and laborious process.

The proposed invention outlines a method to determine the feature height over large areas rapidly using fluorescent intensity calibration curves (plots of intensity/s versus feature height) requiring no use of AFM. Fluorescent phospholipid multi-layers can be patterned in a number of ways including micro-contact printing, using Langmuir troughs or dip pen nanolithography (DPN). DPN is used to pattern fluorescent lipid multi-layer patterns (in the shape of dots, lines and squares) and to compare their height obtained using AFM and optically using calibration curves.