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Homeless Shelter Infant Cradle

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Dr. Pable
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The present invention describes a cradle designed to be used for infants of families who reside in homeless shelters. This cradle design solves the problem of homeless families nurturing their infants in bed which creates a smothering hazard. The cradle, used in the context of an extremely small bedroom, has a unique construction that permits it to be pulled up close alongside the bed and allows the infant to be nurtured while the caregiver is in bed. Many shelters utilize prison-style beds with a unique under-bed storage unit that this work accommodates, allowing the cradle to be placed directly alongside the bed.

The cradle's third prototype has been completed and the cradle has been placed in its end location (a local homeless shelter) that enabled a check for suitable dimensions and weight.This furniture object potentially represents a small, but potentially lifesaving improvement to homeless shelter family living dormitories.


  • The potential scope of its use is vast, with the Department of Housing and Urban Development reporting 95,000 family beds in homeless shelters and an additional 3,000 family beds in transitional shelters nationwide (The 2nd Annual Homeless Report to Congress, March 2008).