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The Student Resilience Project Toolkit

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Karen Oehme
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  • FSU has launched a new trauma-informed, multimedia, online college student mental health and wellness toolkit to help students build coping and stress management skills and connect them to FSU’s resources. 
  • Because of international attention and outreach, we are building a customizable version of the online toolkit for other colleges and universities.
  • Many students struggle with mental health problems and seek out their health information online. The Toolkit is a complement to existing mental health resources and provides an easily an easily accessible hub for students. 
  • With college mental health services overwhelmed, colleges need an evidence-informed, effective way to help students to build connections with students.
  • The Toolkit’s attention to trauma benefits students whose prior trauma makes them vulnerable to poor adaptations to stress, including alcohol and substance abuse.
  • The FSU Toolkit has been highly successful, serving nearly 8300 people the first month after launch, with over 120,000 page views, and overwhelmingly positive responses from student surveys.
  • FSU is hosting an informational webinar about the Toolkit on 11/15/18, with 90 college administrators from 48 colleges committing to attend.