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Universal Insulin Pump Leakage Detection System

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Principal Investigator:
John Wilcox
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  • US Patent Pending

Insulin pump technology is a commonly implemented form of treatment for patients who suffer complications from diabetes mellitus. Mechanical malfunctions associated with the infusion site are a common source of failure and frustration experienced by many patients with these devices. Cannula dislodgement, lipohypotophy, and internal pump occlusions may result in leakage of insulin from the infusion site onto the surrounding adhesive material. For many, the only form of detection are the symptoms associated with hyperglycemia.

This technology is a practical method for detecting these leaks as they occur. A mixture of 4-aminoantipyrine and potassium persulfate is deposited onto the surface of the adhesive holding the cannula. When exposed to the insulin solution, these compounds react to turn a bright blue color, indicating to the wearer that a leak is occurring and prompting them to change out their injection site. This allows people with diabetes to better control their blood glucose levels and avoid leakages.