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How You ~ a Humanitarian or Social Scientist ~ can Benefit from Grants!

Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences may be hesitant about applying, or even looking, for grants, perhaps doubting the relevance and/or advantages. In Barbara L.E. Walker and Holly E. Unruh’s book Funding Your Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, however, they explain a lot of ways in which grants can support various areas of one’s work. From covering/supplementing travel and supplies to student and research assistance to workshops and conferences, grants can assist monetarily, while also increasing the visibility of one’s research program. Funded projects are often highlighted and circulated through the agency, which opens the door for a host of new opportunities. While writing proposals takes time and effort, it also forces the author to articulate his or her arguments, helping to strengthen and sharpen them. Reviewers will often provide comments regardless of whether or not the grant is awarded.

~Guest blogger, Monica Key

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