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Time to start thinking about the NSF CAREER program

It's NSF CAREER time again! 

As you may know, OPD assists faculty with all sorts of proposals.  While we are always happy to assist with any proposal, we provide particular focus on the NSF CAREER program during the spring semester, and up until its deadline in July.  We do this for several reasons.  First, it is a unique opportunity for new faculty. NSF CAREER awards provide five consecutive years of consistent and stable funding, and allows faculty member to focus on  research and its integration with teaching.  Secondly, the number of CAREER award recipients at the University is monitored in a number of national data bases. As such, these awards significantly enhance FSU’s reputational standing in the broader community thereby contributing to our Top 25 effort. 

If you are in a research area that is funded by the NSF, I hope you will consider applying.  Usually faculty apply in their second year, though there are exceptions on both sides.  You don't want to wait too long in your career because the CAREER program allows faculty three attempts which much be done prior to tenure.  Wait too late, and you lose an opportunity.  If you are undecided about applying, please note that FSU provides a $5,000 increase to the 9-month base salary of any faculty member who receives an NSF CAREER award. Another good reason to consider this program.

We have many ways we assist those applying, including a kickoff workshop which will be happening in March.  Additional details and registration can be found at .  Also, please check out our CAREER toolkit for additional information.  You can find that at . 

Questions?  Reach out to OPD staff anytime.