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CRC Policies

  • CRC program hiatus periods apply to the PI and Co-PI(s).
  • FAMU faculty are not eligible to apply for CRC funding.
  • Students and post-docs are not eligible to be a Co-PI on CRC grants.
  • Twelve-month faculty members cannot apply for PI salary support.  These faculty members can use the funding for student salary and other research expenses.
  • Only FSU Faculty who are eligible to apply for CRC funding can be a Co-PI on a CRC grant.
  • CRC grant funds can only be used to support research and creative activity.
  • The CRC will support a stipend for a student hired on a grant: stipend only.
  • CRC grants do not support tuition or matriculation fees in its awards.
  • The CRC approved the project budget as submitted with the proposal.  Budget deviations greater than 10% per budget line item (cumulatively) require the prior written approval of the CRC.  Budget revisions should be requested via a Budget Amendment Form.  The Budget Amendment form, which can be downloaded from the Forms Portal, must be electronically signed by the PI and submitted to the CRC No Cost Extension and Budget Amendment Submission page.  An example of a completed Budget Amendment form is available here.  If the budget revision is approved by the CRC, the OMNI Project Budget will be modified to reflect the newly-approved categorical amounts.  Budget amendment requests must be approved before any changes can occur. You may not submit an amendment request after the fact, and all budget amendment requests must be submitted no less than thirty days prior to the award expiration date.
  • The CRC approved the scope of work as submitted with the proposal.  The written approval of the CRC is required prior to implementing any change to the scope of work.  Actions likely to be considered a change of scope include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Change in the goals or specific aims approved at the time of the award
    • Any change from the approved use of animals or human subjects
    • Shifting the emphasis of the research from one area to another
    • Transferring the performance of substantive programmatic work to a third party by contract or any other means.
  • Budget or scope of work violations may result in loss of CRC funding eligibility for multiple years.
  • No cost extensions and budget amendments require the prior approval of the CRC.  Any request and justification for a no cost extension and/or budget amendment should be submitted to the No Cost Extension and Budget Amendment Submission page no less than thirty days prior to the award expiration date.  The CRC will consider your request and will advise you of the outcome electronically.  It is possible that the CRC may need to discuss this request with your department Chair or Dean before rendering a decision.

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