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DUS Program: Request for Nominations

  • This award recognizes outstanding research and/or creative activity of eligible Florida State University faculty who are not in a tenured or tenure-track position.
  • Recipients of this award have long-standing track records of research and/or creative activity at FSU and occupy more senior levels in their respective positions.
  • Departments are encouraged to nominate only one candidate for this award.  If multiple candidates are nominated, the Chair or Dean will be contacted to rank order (no ties) candidates.  Nominations from "centers" will not be accepted; nominations must be submitted from a faculty member's home department.
  • Recipients receive a one-time award of $10,000, less applicable taxes, by direct deposit.
  • Awardees will be recognized at the annual Faculty Awards program, which is generally scheduled in the late spring.
  • Recipients of this award are entitled to use the title "Distinguished University Scholar" throughout their subsequent employment at FSU or until that title is surpassed through the receipt of a higher university-recognized award.
  • Candidates should be non-tenured or non-tenure-track faculty as of August 2017 and:
    • Have at least five years in an allowable job title which is either E&G or C&G funded
    • Be actively engaged in research and/or scholarly activity
    • Have achieved noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Below are the allowable job titles for the DUS award.  If your title is not listed here, contact the CRC Program Coordinator to confirm your eligibility:
    • 90829S Research Faculty III 9 Mo SAL
    • 9082AS Research Faculty III 12 Mo SAL
    • 9150AS Curator 12 Mo SAL
    • 9153AS Staff Physicist 12 Mo SAL
    • 91609S Scholar/Scientist 9 Mo SAL
    • 9160AS Scholar/Scientist 12 Mo SAL
    • 91659S Senior Research Associate 9 Mo SAL
    • 91669S Research Associate 9 Mo SAL
    • 9166AS Research Associate 12 Mo SAL.
  • Nomination Deadline: February 15, 2018, 4:59 pm
  • Award Notification: April 2018
  • Award Period: Lifetime

NOTE: If you would like your nomination to be reviewed for technical errors, you must submit it seven business days before the program deadline for a pre-review by the CRC Coordinator; the pre-review will ensure that the nomination follows the program guidelines and required documents are incorporated.  Please note the following:

  1. In order for your nomination to count as having been submitted in time for this pre-review, your application must have the "Pending Technical Review" status, which means you have obtained all required Chair and Dean approvals prior to the opening of the seven day window.  Until your nomination has all these approvals, it will not be considered ready for a technical review.
  2. If your pnomination is submitted after the opening of the seven business day window, there is no guarantee that it will be pre-reviewed.  Thus, choosing to submit after the opening of the seven day window leaves you at risk, as any technical errors, no matter how minor they may seem, will render your nomination ineligible.  However, if you meet the seven day pre-review deadline and make the required corrections, as per instructions, by the final program deadline, your nomination will not be rejected on technical grounds.
  3. Your nomination's accuracy is your responsibility, and not that of the CRC.  The CRC will not make corrections, and revisions cannot be accepted after the deadline.


  • It is preferred that departments nominate at most one candidate for this award.  Nominations will not be accepted from "centers"; nominations must be submitted from a faculty member's home department.  If a department does choose to nominate multiple candidates, then they must be rank-ordered by the nominating department, with no ties (so that such candidates are ranked by those who have the best knowledge of their work).
  • Candidates will have made a significant impact on the ongoing research/scholarship and/or graduate student training in their respective unit.
  • There should be evidence of the following:
    • Candidate's outstanding scholarly productivity and/or creative activity
    • Recognition and honors related to research and/or creative activity
    • National and international visibility in endeavors that emphasize research and/or creative activities.
  • Not to be included among the selection criteria are such factors as sex, race, field of specialization, department, school or college, outside activities, previous accomplishments in other fields or positions, whether or not the candidate is applying for other campus awards (i.e. COFRS, sabbatical), and whether other members from the same department or school have been selected for awards during the year or in the past.

IMPORTANT: Nominators must initiate the electronic nomination binders on behalf of the nominee.  The only exceptions are for self-nominations.  Once the nomination has been created, additional editors (including the nominee) can be added to assist with uploading the necessary information.

  • Only a PDF version of each document will be accepted.
  • Go to Section H. Nomination Submission Process for instructions on how to apply.
  • Below are the required sub-sections for each candidate:

Letter of Nomination

  • A letter of nomination, addressed to the DUS Review Committee, from an FSU faculty member (who may be the nominee — self-nominations are acceptable) or an FSU administrator addressing the selection criteria (Section E).
  • Departments are encouraged to nominate only one candidate for this award.  If multiple candidates are nominated, the Chair or Dean will be contacted to rank order (no ties) candidates.
  • If someone other than the nominee is the nomination letter author, the author must include his or her CV (2 page maximum).

Internal Letters of Endorsement

  • Internal letters of endorsement, addressed the DUS Review Committee, are required from the Departmental Chair, Director (if applicable), and Dean.
  • Submission will not be accepted without both letters, where applicable.

External Letters of Endorsement

  • No more than three external letters of recommendation from established scholars with a direct relationship to or knowledge of the nominee are allowed.  The external letters of recommendation must have been written no earlier than 24 months prior to the application deadline, as verified by the dates that appear on them (which are required).
  • These letters must include a statement on the qualifications of the letter authors, as well as a brief 2 page CV from the letter authors.

Curriculum Vitae

  • The nominee's vitae should be current, concise, and complete.
  • If a list of the nominee's pertinent achievements, awards, or accomplishments in the field of expertise is lengthy (more than 5 pages), the nominee should set up a web link to this data and reference it at the end of the vitae.

Examples of successful nomination binders are available on OPD's Successful Proposal Database. Your FSU username and password will be required.

  • Go to the CRC Submissions Portal.
  • The nominator will need to login using his or her FSU username and password.
  • Start a new nomination binder for your nominee by selecting one of the CRC honorary programs listed under the nominate tab.  Complete all the sections and upload each of the required elements.  (Note:  You will have the ability to submit/save your nomination binder elements and update/edit them until the posted deadline for the program.)
  • Nomination binders with incomplete required fields will not be able to submit until all required fields are completed.
  • Nomination binders received after the deadline will not be processed, and incomplete binders will not be accepted.  Nominators, please revisit your nominee’s binder to make certain it is complete before the deadline.
  • Reviewers will use these review guidelines for scoring the nomination.
  • The CRC will recommend the finalists to the President based on the funding allocated to the program, the number of proposals received, and merit scores of each proposal.

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