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FAT Program: Request for Proposals

The Funding Agency Travel (FAT) program supports faculty who are beginning to establish a new program of research or creative activity and have yet to obtain new external funding for this work, in order that they may meet with representatives of funding agencies or organizations that are likely to provide future external support to produce this work.  Funding of other kinds of research-related travel such as visits to field sites, archives, professional conferences, or other presentation venues are not appropriate for this program.  Other programs (AHPEG, COFRS, etc.) are suitable for those travel purposes, and applicants are encouraged to build appropriate research travel into those budgets.  FAT applications must be received at least seven days prior to the travel date.

  • The maximum award amount for the FAT program is $1,000.
  • The award provides funding for travel to meet with funding agencies’ representatives or organizations that are likely to provide support for that project for the purpose of making face-to-face contact and developing a strategy for seeking external funding through proposal submissions to that agency or organization.
  • This program does not support research-related travel such as visits to field sites, archives, professional conference, or other presentation venues.
  • A PI can receive a maximum of two FAT awards per academic year.
  • Applications must be received at least seven days before the travel date.
  • Participation is open to all full-time FSU faculty who are eligible to apply for CRC funding.  
  • Visiting professors, whose only reason for being labeled "visiting" is the expectation that they shortly will attain permanent residency status, are eligible to apply for this award.
  • Researchers who have received awards from other CRC programs during this academic year are eligible to receive funding from this program.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have not already received external funding.
  • This program is ongoing throughout the academic year.  Requests for FAT funding will be accepted via Funding Agency Travel (FAT) Submission website until available funding has been exhausted.
  • Award notification will be made within 48 hours of receipt of the funding request.

Prepare a brief proposal that includes each of the following items:

  1. The name of the agency or organization representative(s) with whom you expect to meet and their title/role within that agency or organization, the location, and the proposed dates of the trip.
  2. A brief description of the research program or creative activity for which you are seeking external funding, and why you think the agency/organization is likely to support it.  Make sure that the description addresses each of the criteria listed in Section G below.
  3. The date you expect to submit the external proposal or other funding request to an agency or organization as a result of this travel.
  4. A budget plan that describes how the requested funds will be used, such as airfare, hotel, taxis, subways, and meals.  Remember that the award is up to a maximum of $1,000 in travel funding.
  5. If you have received prior FAT funding, you will need to identify external proposals submitted and/or external grants or fellowships awarded as a direct result of the previously-awarded FAT grant.
  • Go to Funding Agency Travel (FAT) Submission website
  • Complete all the sections and upload a 2-page CV.
  • All required fields throughout the proposal application are marked with a asterisk (*).
  • Proposals with incomplete required fields will not be able to submit until all required fields are completed.
  • After submission, you will receive an e-mail notification from the CRC Coordinator stating when your submission will be under review.  Usually there is a 24-48 hour turnaround for an award notification.
  • Clarity, coherence, and scholarly merit of the proposed plan.
  • Feasibility of the plan.
  • Likelihood the product of the grant award will attract external funding as indicated by announcements or communications with funding agencies.
  • Likelihood that the plan will enhance FSU's capabilities for the conduct of research.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who do not already have established funding.

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