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Workshop Thursday, April 28, 2011 Posters

Just Imagine What We'll Do if You Mess with our Families: political strikes & contract negotiations
John Ahlquist

The Influence of Online Shopping Agents on Consumer Preferences Following Missed Opportunities
Demetra Andrews

Search for New Phenomena with Photons using first data from the CMS detector at the LHC
Andrew Askew

Devil's Dandruff, The White Bride, and Crystal Ice: The Rise of Drug Cartelsand Narco-Trafficking in Contemporary Mexico
Alexander Avina

Reasonableness in Tort Law: A Reconception
Shawn Bayern

Effect of Smokefree Laws on Alcohol-Related Fatal Traffic Crashes
Debra Bernat

Building a Genetic Database for Pacific Deep-Sea Octocorals
Amy Baco-Taylor

Functional Significance of WSTF hemizygosity in Williams Syndrome
Brian Chadwick

Sacrifices of Success: An analysis of racioethnicity in the workplace
Atira Charles

Voting For Environmental Donations: Experimental Evidence From Majorca, Spain
Eric Coleman

SHORT-ROOT and SCARECROW Promote Root Stem Cell Activity by Suppressing Stress Signaling
Hongchang Cui

Architects Practicing as Interior Designers: An Analysis of Motivations, Expertise, and Perceptions
Jim Dawkins

Epigenetic effects of butyrate on the inflammatory response
Johnathan Dennis

Fracturing of the Panamanian Isthmus during initial collision with South America
David Ferris

Text and the City: Writing Victorian London
Paul Fyfe

The Structural Safeguards of Federal Jurisdiction
Tara Grove

Delegated Bargaining
John Hamman

Freedom Writing: African American Women's Literacy Activism
Rhea Lathan

Escape from the Malthusian trap: When does innovation outpace resource depletion
Charlotte Lee

Nano and micro structure-function relationships in liposome function
Steven Lenhert

Searching for New Subatomic Particles and Forces at Proton Colliders
Takemichi Okui

Estimating Persistence of Movie Industry Demand Shock
Shi Qi

Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) use in Interior Design Education
Marlo Ransdell

Frontal cortex dopamine mechanisms in a rodent model of cognition
Joshua Rodefer

Media, Uncertainy, and Public Goods
John Ryan

Fluoride Ion Sensing through an Anion-p Interaction
Samit Guha and Sourav Saha

Institutions, Culture and Colonial Heritage: Lessons from the Caribbean Islands
Danila Serra

Sibling Relationships and Rivalry in Developmental Perspective Sonja
Sonja Siennick

Point mutants in the sulfite reductase hemoprotein
Kyle Smith and M. Elizabeth Stroupe

The Role of Discrimination and Life Stress in the Health of African Americans and Whites
Miles Taylor

Resurrecting the Mandate: Democracy, Partisan Gerrymandering, and the Party-In-The-Electorate
Franita Tolson

Poetry of Roaming as a Transcendent in Qing (1644-1911) China
Yanning Wang

Atomic Layer-by Layer Growth of 2-Dimensional Electron Systems
Maitri Warusawithana

Life-Forms of Modern States: The Cultivation of National Identities and Nationalist Ideologies in Western Europe
Christian Weber

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