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OPD Staff


Beth Hodges

2025 Westcott North Annex
(850) 644-2257  |

MSW, Social Work, Florida State University
BS/BSW, Psychology & Social Work, Florida State University

As Director of the Florida State University Office of Proposal Development, Beth is responsible for the overall activities conducted by the office. Beth joined the FSU Office of Research in 1997, after serving for several years as a US Congressional staff member. Beth was brought on to assist with federal activities, and, as priorities changed, became increasingly more involved in faculty services.  Meeting and working with faculty to aid them with funding identification and bringing groups together to discuss research interests, she laid the groundwork for what was soon to be a research development effort by the Vice President for Research.  In 2013, Beth was tapped to become the director of the new Office of Proposal Development (OPD).  Since its inception until now, OPD has worked with hundreds of faculty to support their efforts to secure extramural research funding and initiate and nurture critical partnerships throughout the institutional research enterprise.


Grace Adkison
Program Manager: FSU Council on Research and Creativity

2023 Westcott North Annex
(850) 645-5751  |

BS, Interior Design, Florida State University

Grace Adkison serves as the Council on Research and Creativity Coordinator, and has been with OPD since July 2016. As the CRC Coordinator, Grace is responsible for facilitating meetings of the Council, and assists them by educating faculty and staff on the research funding programs provided by the CRC. She also provides administrative oversight to awardees of these programs. Grace is your “go-to” person for all things CRC, be it submissions, revisions, no cost extensions, or any other issue or question you may have.  Grace came to OPD after spending four years at Sponsored Research Administration. She earned her B.S. in Interior Design from Florida State University.


Rachel Goff-Albritton
Research Development Coordinator

2021 Westcott North Annex
(850) 644-3044  |

Personal website:

PhD, Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of South Florida
MS, Speech & Hearing Sciences, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
BA, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Florida State University

Dr. Rachel Goff-Albritton serves as the Research Development Coordinator in the Florida State University Office of Proposal Development.  She works primarily with junior faculty, locating and providing valuable resources to help faculty with their funding goals, specific to their individual research and creative activities.  She helps locate funding opportunities and disseminate funding resources online, during one-on-one meetings, and through developing and implementing faculty trainings and workshops.  Rachel earned a doctoral degree from the University of South Florida, a master’s degree at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and her Bachelors of Arts at Florida State University, in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Rachel has also worked clinically as a speech-language pathologist for ten years, providing rehabilitation and educational resources to individuals with aphasia, a language disorder acquired after a stroke or brain injury.  Rachel has a passion for laying a foundation for sustainable research growth at FSU. 


Mike Mitchell
Proposal Development Coordinator

2020 Westcott North Annex
(850) 644-9511  |

BS, Economics, Florida State University

As Proposal Development Coordinator, Mike serves as a consultant for faculty seeking external grant support. His main role is to help with planning, writing, and editing research proposals, with a special emphasis on multi-disciplinary and center-level projects. In 2016 Mike helped to coordinate FSU proposals to the Department of Energy’s Energy Frontier Research Centers, and National Science Foundation’s Materials Research Science and Education Center programs, as well as providing editing and planning services for numerous single-investigator proposals.

Mike joined OPD in 2015, after serving as a Policy Analyst and Program Manager for the Florida Office of Energy, specializing in alternative fuels and agricultural energy use. He successfully led project teams in grant applications to the US Department of Energy and Department of Agriculture, obtaining over $17 million for his projects.