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Be Able to Communicate Your Work Effectively to Any Audience

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 (H.R. 946/Public Law 111-274) requires the federal government to write documents, such as tax returns, federal college aid applications, and Veterans Administration forms in simple easy-to-understand language…”

Getting Started

Communicating your ideas clearly to a general audience is crucial to them understanding your research topic and interests. A general audience may include people who have never heard of your topic and are much more familiar with other fields which is why your writing has to be very clear and avoid technical language. You will have a greater opportunity to receive funding if your audience understands what is being funded. To help you with this process there are tips and resources available below.

Resources & Examples

Tips from FSU Senior Faculty

  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself (in one to two sentences) if you do not already know the audience
  • Realize an opportunity for presenting your pitch, and have it ready
  • Don’t give a pitch when it’s not wanted
  • Know your goal- for your particular audience
  • Use successful models (e.g., watch video clips of good elevator pitches)
  • Don’t get lost in the detail
  • Make it personal
  • Don’t speak the way you write, use simple language
  • Know your audience, and make the pitch connect with them
  • Use mental images and mnemonics to help you recall your pitch
  • Convey a societal relevance
  • Practice saying your pitch out loud, with feedback

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