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ORD's Mock Review Panel Program: Making Proposals More Competitive

BY: Carolyn Bradley| PUBLISHED:  


Twice a year, ORD hosts a Mock Review Panel Program specifically for investigators working on National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 proposals.  R01 grants are well known for being highly competitive, but these awards allow investigators to make transformative advancements in their fields of research, and ORD enthusiastically supports all FSU faculty members driven to apply for one.  Through the R01 Mock Review Panel Program, ORD offers investigators an opportunity to receive comprehensive feedback on their proposals, so that they can revise and polish their drafts and then submit to the NIH their proposal in its most persuasive form.  Panelists are esteemed FSU faculty members who are selected for their past success in securing R01 grants and/or their expertise in the proposal’s unique subject areas.  Investigators wishing to have their R01 proposals critiqued in a Mock Review session should apply to Dr. Carolyn Bradley ( 



Mock Review Sessions for Fall 2021 R01 submissions (NIH application deadline: Oct. 5)

  • Send an email to Carolyn expressing Interest by Tues., Aug. 31
  • Send a proposal draft to Carolyn by Tues., Sept. 7

Mock Review Sessions for Spring 2022 R01 submissions (NIH application deadline: Feb. 5)

  • Send an email to Carolyn expressing interest by Fri., Dec. 17
  • Send a proposal draft to Carolyn by Fri., Jan 7

Also, for investigators who plan to submit an R01 proposal in the Fall, ORD is pleased to offer the following timeline and task list:  example-nih-r01-proposal-development-to-do-list.pdf ( extending a timeline and Mock Review sessions, ORD hopes to provide FSU investigators the support they need to embark on the challenge of competing for an R01 award, and a formula to succeed. 


Contact: Carolyn Bradley | Proposal Development & Funding Specialist

Carolyn Bradley serves as the Proposal Development and Funding Specialist at Florida State University’s Office of Research Development. Her responsibilities include helping FSU researchers in the Arts and Humanities to identify promising funding opportunities and prepare competitive proposals. She also facilitates limited submissions, coordinates mock review panels, and develops proposal budgets. She is passionate about research, and is driven to help FSU faculty members make their research dreams a reality.

Prior to coming to FSU, Carolyn worked as a staff member for the University of Florida’s Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) Center. She earned a PhD and Master’s degree in English literature from the University of Florida, and a BA in English from Vassar College. She loves to travel, and spent two years teaching English in southern Spain after college, and also studied abroad in Florence, Italy as an undergraduate.