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Collaborative Collision: Community+ begins with an interdisciplinary networking event designed to break through disciplinary and organizational silos, and help researchers discover who else at FSU they may be interested in working with. To achieve this, Collaborative Connector focuses on encouraging the discovery of individual researcher’s skills, interests, and assets, as well as their values, expectations, and interest in collaboration. This unique focus on the individual researcher allows our participants to make more meaningful connections with other researchers — after all, teams are made up of people who work together.

Collaborative Connector is centered on the Research Profile—short, focused presentations designed to communicate who you are as researcher, and let others know your unique skills, interests, and opportunities. Research Profiles also discuss specific ways you might help, or be helped by, a collaborator, making it easy to identify other researchers that you may be interested in working with.  

Click here to download all participant Research Profiles or view them below.