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Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion

Fall 2020

Diversity is not just defined by race and gender, but rather encompasses the whole human experience.

In this Collaborative Collision we aimed to provide space and time for members of the campus community to highlight their AEI-related research  and provide opportunities for future collaborations across disciplines. In addition to the  exchange of ideas we hope that highlighting AEI-research will lead to a greater understanding of the need to pursue and support research that is innovative, compelling and can provide informed direction to practices and policies that are rooted in social justice.

Collaborative Collision focuses on the individual's research background and interests. Our Research Profiles discuss each participant's expertise, and specific ways they can help, or be helped by, a collaborator.

Who attended?

Collaborative Collision: AEI featured presentations from research community members who have completed or are conducting research related to AEI. Key focus areas included health, education, criminal justice, gender, religion, veterans, disability/ableism, politics, and economics.

First Name 

Last Name



Mackenzie Alston Economics
Alyssa Atwood Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science
Rachel Bailey Communication
Hank Bass Biological Science
Tamara  Bertrand Jones Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Choeeta Chakrabarti Anthropology 
Antonio Cuyler Art Education
Nancy de Grummond Classics
Jessica De Leon Dept. of Family Medicine and Rural Health
Geoffrey Deibel College of Music
Vanessa Dennen Educational Psychology & Learning Systems
Sabrina Dickey  Nursing
Elizabeth Doud The Ringling Museum of Art - Sarasota
Amanda Driscoll Political Science
Daniel Fay Askew School of Public Administration and Policy
Rachel Fendler Art Education
Heather Flynn BSSM
Lilian Garcia-Roig Art
Annie Grier HR Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office
Laurelin Haas Sustainable Campus
Elcin Haskollar CGE/International Affairs
Roxanne Hughes National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Jessica Ingram Art
Lyndsaay Jenkins Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
Panayotis League College of Music/Center for Music of the Americas
Laura Marks EPLS
Anna Mitas Center for Leadership and Social Change
Xan Nowakowski Geriatrics / Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
Lara Perez-Felkner Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Svetlana Pevnitskaya Economics
Arianne  Quinn Honors Program (Undergraduate Studies) 
Erik Rawls College of Education/Office of Research
Tiffany Rhynard School of Dance
Stacey Rutledge Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Guangzhi Shang College of Business
Sandy Wong Geography
Margaret  Wright-Cleveland Faculty Development and Advancement 
Anna Yelick Florida Institute for Child Welfare