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In April 2016, ORD organized the first campus-wide interdisciplinary networking program at Florida State University. Five years and 15 events later, Collaborative Collision has brought together hundreds of members of the FSU research community, helped launch countless new collaborative research teams, and better positioned FSU to make breakthrough discoveries, compete for external funding, and advance creativity and innovation. 

Explore materials from our previous events below!

Collaborative Collision: Resilience

Our most recent event, and the launch of our Collaborative Collison 2.0 series. Resilience is about being able to respond to and recover from challenging conditions, experiences, or events. In order to thrive, people, communities, organizations, systems, and universities must have an ability to rise when knocked down, to remain unconquered in the face of adversity and traumatic events. Florida State University has an established culture of Resilience, and this concept is central to the research of our faculty, taught to and embraced by students in their studies, lived by our alumni in their careers and lives, and practiced within our sports teams, arts and culture, and community work.

Spring 2016

Fall 2017

Smart Cities
Spring 2018

Underserved Populations
Spring 2018

Mental Health and Wellness
Spring 2018


Fall 2018

Children and Families
Spring 2019

Disaster Resiliency
Spring 2019

Big Data
Fall 2019

AI and Machine Learning
Spring 2020

Spring 2020

Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion
Fall 2020

Technology and Society
Fall 2020

Climate Solutions
Spring 2021

Health 2021

Spring 2021


Fall 2021